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    Help me remember this 80's Cartoon

    I actually saw this before i watched DBZ
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    Help me remember this 80's Cartoon

    It is Dragon Warrior, it was dubbed over in English in the 80's on public TV right after school. But was pulled because they did not give Akira Toriyama credit. I loved that show as a kid, I need to see if I can find the full run of it. Manged to find a subbed episode...
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    Help me remember this 80's Cartoon

    Not Galtar, or Dreamstone. I am starting to think it was Dragon Warrior... but im not sure.
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    Help me remember this 80's Cartoon

    I am trying to remember the name of an old Cartoon I used to watch in the 80?s. I don?t remember all the details but will put in what I can remember. Any help would be great because I would like to find it again. It was also a Fantasy setting. One of the main things is I remember the big bad...
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    When is the last time you used your CD/DVD/whatever-ROM drive?

    I want to say it has been around 2 years since I have put anything in my CD/DVD rom. When I do game the majority of them have been downloadable. I have even re-purchased older games that have become downloadable so I don't have to keep up with digital media. I think I have a problem though...
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    The Big Picture: Americana

    Thanks to I knew about all of those except the 3 Mighty Men. Here is the Turkish Star Wars one
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    Recommend me some good beers.

    Sweet Water 420 from GA
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    Westboro Baptist Church is thwarted!

    Piss off enough people and one day you will get beat up. Just like in elementary school. I don't condone it but thats human nature.
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    Sony Claims It Told Users of PSN Info Breach Immediately

    I want to play Shadowrun now
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    Sony Claims It Told Users of PSN Info Breach Immediately

    I just got mine. "To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports." "We have also provided names and contact information for the three major U.S. credit bureaus...
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    Poll: Would you vote for a presdential republican candidate...

    I just wish the Two party system would go away because they both suck and do whatever to help "their side" at the cost of the tax payers.
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    Sony Admits Private PSN Info Has Been Stolen - All Of It

    Not to beat the dead horse but this information would have been great last week.
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    Things that were once great, but just need to die now.

    Square has put a lot of stinkers out lately. I am afraid to touch a square game anymore or even games they have just touched like Sup Com 2. I fear for Deus Ex.
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    Ask a military guy...

    Do you guys have an equivalent to Delta Force?
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    Last Game You Bought?

    Mortal Kombat... then the PSN went down. Great game though.