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    Could V for Vendetta challenge the government of 1984

    Possibly. The Outer party does have a much greater capacity to monitor its population but V already demonstrated a good deal of skill for hacking in V for Vendetta. It is possible that he could use the very apparatus that the party use to stay in power to get enough of the population rising up...
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    Hail Hydra

    How dare you sir! I am offended by that highly accurate representation of my countrymen eh what! (In this country almost all health care is free, at best dental is subsidised and we really resent having to pay money upfront for medical care. I imagine that is where the bad teeth stereotype comes...
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    It's Official - The Animated Film Adaptation of The Killing Joke is Rated R

    It was announced that this movie might receive an R rating before Deadpool was released
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    Mortal Kombat X Releasing with its DLC as Mortal Kombat XL in March

    Nintendo have already reserved my wallet for March but I will pick this up at some point.
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    What property should Telltale try next

    Personally I would like to see a Doctor Who telltale game, and a James Bond telltale game (with its own unique Bond not one of the movie Bonds).
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    Telltale to Make an Episodic Batman Series

    Thankfully I lucked out by deciding Batman was my favourite superhero when I was a child, so I'm loving all of the Batman stuff .
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    itt: say something nice to British folk

    I'm with you, if anything I think we're glad that America isn't our problem anymore.
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    Xbox One Version of Fallout 4 Comes With Backwards Compatible Fallout 3

    If it is the game of the year edition that could be tempting.
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    EA Will Delay Battlefront if Something Goes Wrong

    If this is genuine on his part it is good to see such a positive change in mindset at EA. I'm just not quite ready to believe it is genuine yet.
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    Super Chibi Knight Review - Super Adorable RPG

    I saw this project on Kickstarter, I might not have backed it but I loved the idea of a man making a video game for his eight year old daughter and after playing it I don't regret backing it.
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    Feed Dump: Do a Tesco

    In my town the site of a Tesco's that is being built was set on fire today. I feel bad for the guy who owns a news agents next door because he is probably the first person that the police will question.
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    Escape to the Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service - Can Lightning Strike Again?

    To be fair it is part of a broader trend in British spy media. In many Spy based shows American characters almost exist entirely for us (the British) to be better than. Usually this is shown through the American characters being arrogant, self righteous, uncaring of others and patriotic to the...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    Personally I hope that Peter Parker sticks around for a good few years before they switch to Milo. If they are going to switch to Milo I hope it is only after the new version of Peter Parker has 2-3 of his own movies and 2-3 appearances in other Marvel movies. I also think that it would be good...
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    Constantine Review: The Faust And The Furious

    These episodes are really helpful because I keep forgetting when the show is on and I know that a new episode will be waiting for me on amazon prime when I see a review of it. I really liked the episode, I have been enjoying DC's tv output a lot lately (except for Gotham which I haven't got...
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    That Rolling Ball Droid From The Force Awakens Trailer Wasn't CGI

    Considering how the film makers said they would be relying on cgi much less with this movie I already assumed that this robot had actually been built.