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    Is Ridley Scott's Biblical Epic Exodus Whitewashing Ancient Egypt?

    Bob already provided an answer for this But the long and the short of is the legacy of slavery and institutionalized racism makes it an acceptable double standard.
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    North Korea Takes Seth Rogen Complaint To The UN

    You know I thought you were being sarcastic (and I'm still hoping you are) and was making a reference to that one Oliver Stone film staring Keven Costner. And if you were, the sarcasm may be a bit to subtle or no one who replied has heard of it...
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    Jimquisition: Buyer Beware

    For those who aren't Brits who grew up in the 90's, The music was the theme music for this: One question still remains, who did you make laugh Jim?
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    Jimquisition: Free To Wait

    Okay Kid, I was just trying to help you make a better argument since I thought you had a good one and maybe understand why Jim was so angry and how anger can lead to mistakes because thats how emotions work, when you get angry about something you will often omit things if you are attacking...
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    Jimquisition: Free To Wait

    Which only proves my point doesn't it? By surrendering the high ground and opening with a insult/petulant comment I undermined my own argument. The point I will admit was a bit clumsily delivered. And this isn't your drunk uncle here. This a man who has been a champion for the mobile market in...
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    Jimquisition: Free To Wait

    You know in future maybe instead of acting like a crying six year old you could show examples about how "free to wait" can be done well because by starting out by being rude and telling someone to "shut up" and to "inform themselves" when the vast majority of this model (to an outsider like me...
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    Who is the Steambox for?

    So it's a current gen console? . . . ZING!
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Marking Mad

    There is no hidden meaning. Jim just has a bit of thing for Edward James Olmos currently. The last 2 or 3 episodes of his Podcast have involved Jim coming up with new show ideas for Edward James Olmos. For example:
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    Jimquisition: Copyright War

    Right now I think the best rival for youtube would be something like
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    Have just started watching Star Trek TNG

    Yeah, you could skip to season 3 and miss very little. Season 2 has some good episodes like , "The Measure of a Man" and "Q Who?" ( I would recommend watching both of these) While these are good you also have episodes like "The Outrageous Okona" ,"The Royale" and "Up the Long Ladder" which are...
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    Jimquisition: To Play The Villain

    They're called "the shattered" and they listen to Podtiod.
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    Minecraft Builder Constructs Full Scale USS Voyager

    True enough on it been subjective but I would argue that episodes like The city on the edge of forever, The conscience of the king and Balance of terror have some wonderful acting moments in them. It is very stylised and very theatrical in its delivery and if that's not your thing fair enough...
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    Minecraft Builder Constructs Full Scale USS Voyager

    Er no, I think you'll find the original series is leaps and bounds ahead of Voyager. I'll happily watch the first season of TOS over the first 4 seasons of Voyager. /Nerd Rage
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    Jimquisition: Downloadable Discontent

    Probably for the best in all honesty...
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    It's "that" Skyrim topic again...

    Actually the Dominion was driven out of Hammerfell by the Resistance