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    Your opinion: The most overused phrase in gaming.

    Immersion. Immersive gameplay. Immersive characters. Immersive art. Immersive water physics. Immersive immersiveness that immerses you in more immersion than you could possibly immerse- I HATE everyone who had a hand in making this word such a go-to for developers and producers alike. It is...
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    Poll: Deleted for your health

    I absolutely had to uninstall CounterStrike back in college. I never thought I had a gaming problem until I chose to be 45 minutes late to a class just so I could shoot more dudes in the face. It was bizarre. I distinctly remember taking the "just 5 more minutes" excuse to the extreme that day...
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    Poll: Devil Survivor 2 or Bravely Default; which do I play next?

    Shin Megami Tensei will always be dark. There's no getting around that. Sometimes the degree of dark content is less noticeable than usual but it's there and it's integral to the SMT experience. That being said, the Devil Survivor games are certainly more optimistic than SMT4 depending on how...
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    Poll: Do you power through games you don't enjoy?

    I only got through Dragon Age Origins by powering through the least annoying origin and then plowing the plot until it squealed. I ignored the sidequests. I spat in every NPCs face. Anyone asking me for help had to offer payment up front for my time. If my teammates were being difficult, I told...
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    Words/phrases that piss you off

    This kind of phrase: "I don't mean to be rude, but..." immediately followed up by a rude statement. If you're going to be rude then be rude. I say harmful and inappropriate things all the time but, unless I'm in sarcasm mode, I always mean what I say. The amount of inherent deceit that goes...
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    So...what games are ya'll playing?

    I just downloaded Fantasy Life last night and now I'm trying to play it every time I take a break at work. I'm a terrible employee :) The game hasn't quite gripped me yet. Not surprising since I can only play it in 15-minute sprints, jamming the A button just so I can skip past the adorable...
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    How well would Psychonauts work as a movie or TV show?

    After playing it all the way through, I can only see it working as an Episodic TV series. Each of the minds that Raz entered had such different style and tone that having more than one of them in one movie would put the plot all over the place. Cutting up each mind into it's own episode is much...
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    Poll: Do you have any Pet names for you boyfriend/girlfriend/companion.

    Had to put other because I don't have pet names for anyone. In fact, I intend to refer to any pets I end up owning by their species name. But, every girlfriend I've had has called me Jer-Bear.
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    Games about a resistance/revolution

    You can literally do this in Liberal Crime Squad. You start off a a disillusioned youth in an extremely conservative American landscape and then go on to bribe, threaten, and seduce your way towards political power. The game is a lot more complex than I could describe since it involves...
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    Looking for an RPG like Dragon Age: Origins

    Yeah that one was a longshot. If not for the RTS bits, this game would be the best (or only) Fantasy political simulator of all time.
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    Looking for an RPG like Dragon Age: Origins

    Just happy to avert buyer's remorse where I can :) I just thought of something. It's weird and barely like DAO from a gameplay perspective but you might end up liking it for the character interaction. Watch a few gameplay and dialogue videos. This one could be very hit or miss.
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    Looking for an RPG like Dragon Age: Origins

    It was me! I recommended that game! I'm affecting the community!!! *ahem* On a more professional note: Aarklash doesn't have a branching plot or sidequests as the majority of the story is told via cutscenes. Basically, you Tactical RPG your way through some cool looking environments and then...
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    Games no one else has played but you

    I own X3:TC. It's okay. Just wish the dev hadn't completely dropped the ball with X-Rebirth.
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    Games no one else has played but you

    This is game is bloody amazing and should set an industry standard for a new wave of Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale type games. Sadly, nobody besides me seems to know that it exists and the people who have bought it complain because they thought it would be like Diablo III. Morons.
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    I think I discovered why "casual gamers" are frowned upon...

    I would say the problem comes from the other direction. For example, I once got into a discussion with a younger gamer about the Elder Scrolls series. We started out about how we both liked Skyrim. I offered up Morrowind as a game he might also enjoy if he gave it a try. His reply was that...