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    The Big Picture: If the Oscars Were the VGAs

    I don't always reply to videos on The Escapist But when I do, it's because OMG PINKIE PIE!
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    Escapist News Network: Games for Pets

    And it seems like we are all jerks who spent the whole video looking at the same thing... Pft, men. (guilty)
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

    Terrible puns, over-the-top acting, and pointless cameos. Best series at the Escapist by far.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 19

    Funny thing is, when this series started, it was by far the weakest on the Escapist. Now, for some reason, all the good ideas have come to the surface, and it's quite possibly the best series around. Good job, I say!
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    games that need a sequel

    Primal. But with Andreas Katsulas now dead it wouldn't be quite the same...
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    Poll: The enslavement of Humanity

    Why would Aliens or an AI bother with enslaving us? Either should be perfectly able to extract the planet's resources just fine with robots and other machines. Heck, Aliens would probably not even need the planet's resources. If they can travel between stars than their energy/material means...
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    best OMG monments in games

    Leaving the Dwarf starting area in WoW for the first time, discovering just how BIG that one single portion of the map was, and then walking into Ironforge... Seeing the Mongols arrive in Crusader Kings.
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    What games would be awesome combined?

    Europa Universalis II and Civilization 4 Fall from Heaven 2 (civ4 mod) and Rome Total War
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    2012, Mayan end date.

    Well that's a pity really. Going down with a full-out nuclear war started by a woman would be very old-testament-like cool.
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    2012, Mayan end date.

    2012. Won't Sarah Palin be running for President of the US then?
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    Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

    Nooooooooo! *hugs wii* Leave my baby alone! What harm as she ever done to you, mean bitter brit?