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    Heavy Gear Kickstarter Adds Oculus Rift Support

    ...I never knew this kick starter was around. LOOK ALIVE GEAR HEADS! OT: Oculus support would be awesome for this game, hope it gets past kickstarter.
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    Escape to the Movies: Spring Breakers

    ...I'm kinda hoping that review was in sarcasm. Because that what it felt like with the praise all the way to the punch that didn't exist.
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    EA Issues Teaser For Imminent Battlefield 4 Trailer

    A teaser for a teaser. Yay.
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    Dead Space 3 Resource Exploit "Not a Glitch", Says EA

    I like it how people are instantly lunging towards the 'This is clearly a lie' route of thinking. We all know EA want as much money as they can drain from our wallets, so here is what I'm thinking... ...What if it -was- intentional? If EA weren't idiots, they could very well be doing this...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh GX Style RP (MSN)

    Sounds like this will be fun! However...Its been a bit since I've played the card game Yu-gi-oh, So whilst certain decks are banned, will particular cards also be banned? Anyway, I'll think up a profile in a short while. Expect the character's deck to be a knight themed one.
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    Trailers: Sonic Generations - DreamCast Trailer

    ...Was that 'City Escape' level I just say...Damn Sega...Damn...stop using our Nostalgia!
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    Modern Warfare 3 Coming to GAMEfest

    Never new GAMEfest existed...Something tells me I'll be making this year my first year to go to this event.
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    Robin's Arkham City Look Inspired By Cage Fighters

    Holy Amazing Make-Over Batman! *Cough* Anyway...It looks great this new look...Tempted to -- Oh wait...No best buys anywhere near where I live...Typical...Oh well.
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    Daily Drop: Billy the Bass

    ...Why is it that one of the most annoying things in this world is indestructible.
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    Trailers: Starhawk Announcement

    Didn't battlezone2 have something similar to Build and Battle? Anyway, looks awesome, hope to see more of it.
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    Converse Plays Space Invaders on TV Made of Shoes

    Clearly they are a foot ahead of the competition with this...
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    Trailers: The Cursed Crusade

    Medievil Army of Two in the crusades? ...Tempting, Very tempting..I'll keep my eyes on this.
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    Take Your First Look at Soul Calibur V

    Please be good...Please be good. Loving the looks of the new soul calibur and soul edge...and there bound to have most the cast back, I mean...take Yohsimitsu, he's in Teken too, so age ain't a problem for that robo samurai (And yes, I am aware it's probably a -different- yoshimitsu.)
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    What do you think E3 will bring?

    Episode Three ...On topic. More on Phantasy Star Online 2.
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    The Ultimate Lego-Halo Crossover That You Can Wear

    This kid is awesome. If it did survive the 100 children that wore it, then that is some amazing lego work there. Now...Where can I buy the right amount of lego to make one of my own?