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    In defence of the 'Friendzoned'

    I think that men have the right to be upset if a woman does not return his feelings, there would be nothing odd if it was the other way around, feelings get hurt and hearts break men, oddly have both of these. On the other hand being nice to someone does not give you the right to fuck them or...
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    Poll: Do You Date?

    Does watching them from far away count? Im guessing not, i'd like to try but i lack the sexy to get with any of the ladys, forever alone.
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    Half-Life 3 Won't Be At E3 2014, Says Valve

    I really wish we just had a yes or no by now, cause i have really stoped caring due to lack of anything other then a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe from them.
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    So "this" happened again.

    While out walking a group of lads younger then me but i was on my own walked near me on of the little ones walked really close to me and started to walk in a over the top way of how i was waking, i pushed him away when he got too close and then was hit in the back with a rock. I walked much...
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    Universal Porn Filter Coming to the U.K.

    Yes yes the children, but this my good porn loving freinds is just the start soon everything they don't like will be baned for the children or somebullshit like that he does not care and he never did. He just wants to control people and he will fail. YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE GANDUF THE G- Er...
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    Poll: Do you like the British Royal Family?

    No and i hate the very idea of a royality in anyway, they are a joke and i wish they would go away to stop making our people look like dumbasses to the rest of the world
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    Poll: Oblivion Was Better

    I liked them both not sure which more, however morrowind is "where the fuck am i? where the fuck am i going? who the fuck are you? whats going on?" The game! I really wish someone would show me how to play that game. Oblivion and skyrim will keep me happy for now.
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    Poll: Did You Kill Paarthurnax?

    Nooope Delphine pretty much makes you help her and you learn a whole lot of nothing by working with her i could not put her out my skyrim faster, i like the gerybreads and i liked paarthurnax he offers a new way of looking at the dragons as smart not just keeping them as big evil monsters Think...
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    Lawsuit Demands Porn Filters For All Apple Products

    We should remove all porn everywhere cause it can be looked up by people with the net! some of them maybe CHILDREN won't anyone think of the wittle babys?! Speaking of porn have you ever seen hentai any of it thats the crazy stuff NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW Er.. what where we talking about again?
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    Petition to Free Jailed League of Legends Player Reaches 100,000 Sigs

    Should you be allowed to post whatever you want online with no repercussions? No Should you able to have 8 years for a dumb thing on facebook? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A most he should just say he is sorry and be done with it, if asked to say sorry i bet he would have its...
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    Obsidian Would Love Another Chance at Fallout

    I liked NV more so i would want them too to LONG LIVE THE NCR
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    JonTron takes a hiatus from GameGrumps

    I have no idea what gamegrumps is but it sounds like everyone could use some cuddles
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    Let's rage about gamers

    The french on garrys mod they will perm ban anyone who is not french from their severs which makes me angry,luckly they seem to be coming less common
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    Poll: Donating blood

    No everytime i show up they turn me away its been about 2 times now i guess they are too overwhelmed with the numbers of two whole people the last time i showed up, if they won't take my blood i won't give so no i would if i could.
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    Worst game(s) you've ever completed

    Dawn of war 2 I hated everyone in that game all of them where whiney dickheads who where just angry all the time and just made me really want to play as orks or chaos so i could kill them. which was the best part of the last games but i got to the end and never went back, does not help that you...