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    Over seventy dead in vehicular attack in Nice, France

    Not sure if someone told you yet, but it wasn't a bombing. It was a "mass running over".
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    Mercy is a great MILF, don't know what you're smoking. I'd take her and any day. Though with something would be wrong with the relationship... It would be spiteful... F*ck her MtnDewritos.
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    Would Americans play a game in which the United States is the bad guy?

    I would, but that's just because I'm really tired of enemies being... Nazis Soviets Koreans Zombies Unoriginally Designed Aliens Wyverns pretending to be dragons
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    Poll: How many straight birth-gendered females are on the Escapist?

    Well, since straight women are obviously women. And lesbians are obviously women (unless we're counting Harry Partridge parodies), and Trans-women call themselves women (typically) how am I being exclusive? Unless of course you don't think non-cishet women are women. Edit: I don't see any...
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    Poll: How many straight birth-gendered females are on the Escapist?

    Are we seriously going this SJW that we can't just ask "How many girls use this site?" Man now I miss 2009 escapist.
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Why Do We Take Selfies?

    I just plain don't take selfies. In the past 8 months (so "all of this year so far") I've only taken two pictures of myself, both of which were me in my uniform for my new job to send to my mom as a "hey look, I got a better job!"
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    So apparently the new Fant4stic is the Green Lantern of 2015

    And this is what happens when you take a well established medium, and start changing peoples colors, genders, and backstories because "we need to be politically correct." I can't wait to see black transgendered superman with headmates.
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    Female Game Characters Photoshopped to Average American Proportions

    Because a video game in which people from all colors and shapes team up to kill a demigod who obliterates half the solar system in pulling a meteorite into earth needs to be more realistic in body shape... Tell you what, you want to make a game with realistically proportioned females, fine...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Is God Useful? (William James + TMNT)

    And in the time it took me to watch that video a dozen more people were murdered because "god is great". I think this answers the question of "is it useful".
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    No Right Answer: Best Board Game - Chess vs Monopoly

    Both are terrible as one relies entirely on RNG and the other one relies entirely on memorizing the 12 objectively best strategies. Might as well be asking if Tic-Tac-Toe or War is the best game ever. (personally I like Twilight Struggle...)
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    Poll: Does anyone (feminist, gamer, SJW, atheist) really find Fedoras attractive/cool?

    Fedora's? When with a pinstripe suit yes. Trilby's? Under no circumstance. Now I need to ask which you *actually* mean here...
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    PAX Aus 2014 Day 1: Sailor Men of The World Unite!

    Page 8, I'm pretty sure that's Malzahar, not a purple caster minion.
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    No Right Answer: What's Ruining Halloween?

    Thank you, I'm so tired of people trying to make this about christianity because they're too lazy to do even a minute of background research into Hallowe'en. Though I will say, in America,
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    Phrases that piss you off

    "I could care less" bugs me... You mean you *COULD* care less? Or do you mean you *COULD NOT* care less?
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    This Coffee Maker Has DRM to Lock Out Competitor's Refills - Update

    Oh I plan to show the people when I see them this summer, as for the teacher, I got an A- on my paper so I don't think bugging him for a better grade would make any kind of sense. (The class was Speech 10 though not English 1A so it was more how I presented than how realistic I was being.)