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    So Here's The Sin City 2 Poster That Was Too Hot For The MPAA

    The Motion Picture Association of America A bunch of unelected cunts who have taken it upon themselves to be the moral arbiters of the movie industry and do so in absolute secrecy and with absolutely no oversight. Their word is law, cannot be challenged and is often the difference between...
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Hands-On: Sci-Fi Skinned Strategy - Update

    I see they took the easy way out and just made another Civ sequel where every faction plays the same except for maybe a unique unit that isn't all that unique and some generic bonus stat. Alpha Centari actually felt like each faction had a specific agenda and was meant to be played a certain...
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    Copyright Shenanigans

    This shit is why I support piracy. If these amoral corporate machines are going to treat everyone like criminals and give us no recourse to defend ourselves then why should we be good little law abiding sheep. FUCK CORPERATIONS AND FUCK COPYRIGHT!
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    Jimquisition: Vertigo

    There's an indie game on the PC called The Cat Lady by Harvester Games with a female protagonist that pretty much qualifies. She's not exactly a strong female character as she's suicidal and borderline insane but she's a unique character with great motivation. Seriously it's a great game and...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    The problem with this review isn't the 3.5 its Greg's bitching about the protagonists of a GTA game being unredeemable villains. I find it refreshing and honest to play a criminal scumbag who is only motivated by money and power instead of some noble cause that tries to justify their actions...
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    Jimquisition: PS4 - Doing Nothing, Meaning Everything

    Why is it that these executive types always sound like condescending pricks when ever they open their mouths ie Don Mattrick. You would think that you'd have to have social skills to rise through the ranks of a multi national corporation.
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    Jimquisition: Crying Through The Laughs

    They're letting Elton John into Mississippi, really. Maybe they think it's a lynching.
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    Developer Blames "American Culture" for Greenlight Ban

    Don't they age-gate everything with mature content on Steam. I don't understand the difference between this and a game with violence and swearing, don't people find them offensive too. It's not like someone tried to green light 9/11 Plane simulator... Oh wait.
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    Build a House, Raise a Family in New Skyrim DLC Hearthfire

    Please tell me they're not charging for this fucking Horse Armour 2.0 Someone please make a PC mod exactly the same as this so they can't fleece us like the console monkeys.
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    Metal Gear Solid

    I can't believe all you fucking cry babies are bitching and whining because they went a little dark. You should all go back to your sunshine and lollypops lives and stop crying over a dead baby joke. This comic was hilarious. And to the guy who posted the link to the dead baby jokes above and...
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    Valve Unleashes the Potato Sack Reunion

    When you buy this you get any games you already own as gifts but can anyone tell me for sure whether you get to gift the games individually or whether you have to gift the spare games all together because as usual Steam is giving the least amount of information possible on this.
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    Escape to the Movies: Men in Black 3

    Do those bikes their riding at 2.55 remind anyone of the IT bikes from the South Park episode The Entity. I do hope we get to see Will Smith and Josh Brolin analy penetrated, that would totally be worth the ticket price.
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    File-Sharing Habits Unhindered by Criminal Crackdown

    You Justifyed it by saying you're broke in your first post or are you incapable of remembering what you wrote yesterday. But I'm glad you're finally giving up and yielding to your intellectual better. If you're ever in my neck of the woods I'd be glad to share my fruit cup and cookies with you.
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    File-Sharing Habits Unhindered by Criminal Crackdown

    I repeat myself because apparently it's necessary to get it through your thick skull. I didn't say I don't do wrong because I do, frequently and unrepentantly. I pirate all the time and that's why I will defend those who are good enough to enable me to do so. I also buy movies and games all...
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    File-Sharing Habits Unhindered by Criminal Crackdown

    You say it's unethical and unjustifiable and yet do it anyway and justify it by saying you're broke, that is the very definition of hypocrisy. The only difference between you and the people who host torrents and upload is the one inside your mind that lets you justify what you do but condemn...