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    Man Spends Three Years Walking to The End of The World (Of Minecraft)

    No mention, at all, that he's done this for Child's Play charity? That he's raised over $200,000 bucks for sick kids doing this? You literally removed the most important part of this story from your article, the thing that takes it from an odd curiosity piece to something that actually has a...
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    Dragon Age: Retribution

    I'm starting to feel that I'm probably the only one that... Hehe, if you can't tell I got really rather invested in this little adventure. Really good job on writing this, I was glued to the screen the whole time, and for once stuck with my decisions rather than having multiple tabs open...
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    Creepypasta plot generator

    That, actually sounds kind of frightening for some reason. On another note, my life is now a creepypasta apparently.
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    US Air Force Confirms Existence of "Brony" Squadron

    It was a banned topic? Really? There is so much vitriol over a children's television show that a convention had to ban talking about it, actually put that down in the rules, because there was a chance fights might break out over it? Well, my opinion of humanity just fell another tier right...
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    EXP: Steve vs. Steve - Episode One

    Holy crap it's Beef. I'll be over here having a fangasum, give me a second. --- OT: Okay, yea, this is really the first video I ever saw of yours, still funny to this day. Are you planning on posting the other episodes anytime soon?
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    Farewell, Escapist

    Man, I don't know what to say. I mean, you were perhaps one of the funniest people on this site, just listening to you on the podcast was always such a joy. Hell, I'm even going to miss the corgis, but I'm definitely going to miss seeing you around here. I think the only thing I can really do...
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    GeoGuessr Asks, "Where Are You Now?"

    Alright, this was actually pretty fun. Honestly the best time waster I've played in a while, and rather fun to try and drive around praying for a road sign. Got to the point I was using the sun to try and figure the cardinal directions for assistance. And since you asked...
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    Lovecraft and Physics Team Up For Magrunner Dark Pulse

    Portal puzzles, a gravity gun, and Cthulhu? I know it's a ripoff, it looks like a ripoff, it smells like a ripoff. It doesn't even showcase any new mechanics for goodness sake. I still don't care about any of those facts and desperately want it.
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    Russian Parents Call for Putin to Ban Death Note

    Death Note was writing other peoples names in a book and having them die. Suicide is rather different than that. Which I still hate, as my mother killed herself.... Suicide is against everything this book was ever made for in the series. It's supposed to be a tool for murder for goodness...
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    I would like to present to you, Escapist, what many are calling "the worst anime of all time".

    Why, why oh why did you feel the need to remind me about the "endless eight"? I'd managed to forget there for a little while, life was good and everything! >.> OT: In all seriousness though, you can't really call it the worst just because it looks bad. I mean, it does look bad, like...
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    Update: Beta Tester Leaks Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage

    Working video still up over at PC Gamer at the time of me writing this: OT: Holy crap, I'm honestly really disappointed here. If this was alpha footage I'd feel better, but beta's these days being not...
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    Microsoft Exec on Always Online Consoles: "Deal With it"

    Sometimes, I miss the middle ages. You guys knew how to light an asshole on fire back then.
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    Guild Wars 2 May Be The End Of The Franchise

    The hell did I just read? I honestly feel like I've gone to a Fox News website by mistake. I read the quotes, I went back to read the actual source afterwords, and this article right here is... You no what, no, it's not even an article, it's obvious ill spirited conjecture based on basically...
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    No Right Answer: Best Tom Hanks Movie Ever

    No mention of Big, at all? Seriously!? This is the first of these that is pointless in my eyes.
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    Blog Haters Hack Tumblr

    Oh come on, no word about the Sherlock/Supernatural/Doctor Who/Adventure Time fandoms in there? Not even a mention of Neil Gaiman or Wil Wheaton? They weren't even trying.