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    Star Wars: This Is How You Defend The Ridiculous Crossguard Lightsaber

    People whining about the logic are silly. There's no logic in anything in Star Wars, it's fantasy, not hard sci-fi. Most of the series tech make no practical sense, Star Destroyers with big glaring bridges as weakpoints and shield generators on the outside, massive Death Star filled with more...
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    Star Wars: Tie Fighter - The Dark Side Has Cookies

    I would absolutely love to see a proper sequel for this. The simulator aspect of having dozens of controls at your fingertips, total freedom in mission, a story that's integrated into the gameplay itself, hours of content that never delves into padding and offers a pretty substantial variety of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    I'm really not seeing the bias out of MovieBob that so many people are claiming. Or he's a lot better at hiding it than the people who have immediately run into this thread to declare they knew he would hate it and therefore it must be good. His review points out the movie is flawed. He...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    I'm really surprised more people haven't been angry about the bait and switch they've pulled with this game. Yahtzee mentions it, the demo they were floating around actually looked like a horror game with the stealth elements and invincible monster and crazy traps springing from the walls. But...
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    The Compelling Story Within a Story in Shadow of Mordor

    For the game's faults, I'm willing to give it some leeway for being the first of a series. Honestly if they just punch up the enemy variety and expand the Nemesis system with more traits/appearances I'd probably be content to buy a sequel regardless of the attached story/characters though I'd...
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    Zero Punctuation: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Mordoooooor

    It really is a fun game, I just hope they tweak what needs fixing in the sequel instead of simply adding in more fluff like the Creed games have. The storyline they present is interesting on paper, but in-game it's so choppy and poorly told that you really don't care about the main missions at...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront - Great Teaser, Now What?

    Much agreement. I played both games on friend's systems and while fun in short bursts I never found enough to like to be worth buying. Other issues than ones you mentioned were the worthless single-player and the fact I found the controls to always be a bit floaty and the weapons with very...
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    Why Do We Love Survival Games?

    Without trying to sound too pompous I really think the survival game popularity is sort of a counter-culture backlash to how easy a lot of other games, especially shooters, have become. Most of your big name games death is meaningless, your course and objectives are constantly highlighted. If...
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    Ex-Sony Dev: Wii U Won't Last Another Christmas

    Number one is probably true, they do take a lot of time and care making sure their games are the absolute best quality and getting the most from their hardware and controls. Number two has nothing to do with anything though. Yes if they're manufacturing consoles then their games should be...
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    Ubisoft Launches Black Flag Official Trailer A Tad Early

    Just picked up Assassin's Creed 3 when it went cheap on Steam a week or so ago. It's strangely addicting but at the same time it's not particularly GOOD. It feels like this series really is on the cusp of being absolutely stunning if they would have the courage to tweak the maingame instead of...
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    Yakuza 5 Devs Have No Plans For Western Release

    It is funny how companies spend all this money developing these games and then limit themselves marketwise with things like this. While I'm sure it's possible to lose money if the game undersells by a huge margin I would think this series at least is well enough known to avoid that. Curious to...
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    Microsoft Warns: Don't Stand Your Xbox One Vertical

    You think you're joking...I have the cable modem at my house currently set up in just that arrangement. I needed it near the ceiling for all the cords to reach where they needed to without buying new ones and didn't have any furniture tall enough in what's basically a storage room now to do it...
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    World of Warcraft Revenues Down 54 Percent

    I personally find it kind of amusing how the article mentions Activision Blizzard is in no danger of dying anytime soon. They've been running WoW for a decade now making money hand over fist, but I'm sure they are aware it won't last forever and have plans for the future, I don't think WoW is...
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    Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

    Well obviously you need to play for 60 hours until you get to the ending and narrate that part instead. Make sure to get 100% completion too for the extended secret ending.
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    The Big Picture: Celebritoons

    You know what is one he missed? Bruno the Kid which was a Bruce Willis show actually voiced by Bruce Willis as I recall. Which seems really bizarre as he wasn't exactly scrounging for popularity or work at any point that I recall.