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    What's the opinion on Fallout 4 now that its been out for a long while?

    In my opinion Fallout 4 is a technically good game, the visuals and quality of the combat are massively improved over the older bethesda era titles. However I feel the narrative is relatively weak and unlike the previous games there aren't an awful lot of interesting side quests to fill the...
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    Super straight on tiktok

    I'm willing to believe some people hopped on the bandwagon with no ill intentions. But they should probably read the writing on the wall that they oops'd their way into a bumbling hate group. Just the logic of a straight person being judged for being straight, and complaining about the lack of...
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    Super straight on tiktok

    The way a super straight person I was talking to described it was "Maybe some people don't want to be called awful things because of their preference." What an incredible thought.
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    Nintendo has bought developer Next Level Games

    At least you got F Zero GX as a send off. I'm over here having to deal with Star Fox 0 existing.
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    The N64 controller.

    There were plenty of third party controller options but I wouldn't call any of the ones I've encountered better. A friend of mine actually modified a handful of controllers and put gamecube thumbsticks on them.
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    The N64 controller.

    I never had a problem with it, just hold the middle and right prong and you're good to go for the vast majority of the library. It's a dumb design but it's not actually a hindrance to the games you use it for. Fuuuuuuck that thumbstick though.
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    Supporters of trump storm congress.

    No, I see them as the sick result of utterly failed leadership that has fully turned the people of this country against each other to an unprecedented degree. Anybody observing this should feel nothing but a deep sense of shame, because quite frankly, in a year of complete national level...
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    Supporters of trump storm congress.

    It's honestly very good that there's been relatively little violence, we should never wish violence and brutality upon our own countrymen, misguided as they may be. Also it does paint a neon pink highlight on the disparity between how social groups are treated by law enforcement in a way that...
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga - What Happened?

    I have Orta but never got to play any of the older ones, I just stumbled on that what happened episode the other day and am now very interested in trying Saga out. Too bad it's nearly unattainable.
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    I understand why Sephiroth is the most iconic villain in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

    He's not my favorite, but he's iconic for the series big push into more cinematic presentation, as well as the first mainline title to be officially released in Europe. Not to mention 7 being hands down the most pervasive game in the franchise. Honestly I don't know who my favorite villain out...
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    How's it going?

    Not especially great, I'm afraid, it's lining up to be a cold and difficult holiday season, emotionally and financially. But who knows we could see a turnaround at some point in the future.
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    Term "blind playthrough" offensive, removed from Twitch

    I find this rather concerning, not because of the term itself but streaming platforms more heavily controlling what can be said is just another sad milestone towards cable 2.0. Puritanical broadcasting sensibilities for the whole world this time.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Review thread - Umm....

    Hey don't forget the seething resentment of their workplace and coworkers, that's the gel that holds an office together.
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    Nintendo does another awful thing

    Good, it's very important to punish the melee community, and all who willingly associate with it, regularly. But really they proudly sport Disney degrees of brand protection from anything they don't personally produce or approve of.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Review thread - Umm....

    Now here me out, maybe if their developers were more than coffee fueled bundles of panicked nerves, there'd be fewer issues with the game.