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    Kim Dotcom Launches Fully-Encrypted "Skype-Killer" Voice Chat

    They never broke Lavabit as far as I know and they only reason they could seize the data and shut them down was because they were US based. MegaChat uses a similar encryption strategy so even if everything is taken, all they will have is a bunch of encrypted data they can do nothing with...
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    The Crow Reboot Will Begin Shooting "In the Spring"

    I don't know if I would call it painfully 90s. It's more like a product of it's time.
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    Here is the thread from 4chan. Same people that told people iOS 7 was water proof.
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    Report: Apple Watch Needs Daily Recharging

    Apple used to get products right the first time, every time. Now, they seem willing to make a shitty first gen product like Microsoft or Samsung.
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    Report: Crytek Employees Refusing to Come in to Work

    I can't imagine who though making Homefront 2 was a good idea. It was a shitty game that was universally panned and sold terribly.
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    What's the most expensive thing you've bought?

    I bought a $500 piano. I should pick it back up but bass is more fun.
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    Moments of pure and utter brilliance in works you otherwise thought were bad.

    Also William Dafoe in that game. He was awesome in it.
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    Watch Dogs Release Date Set For May 27

    I'm really glad they delayed it. Ubisoft execs probably realized that they will make more money on a game that is good even if it comes out later.
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    Rumor: Leaked Image Shows Dishonored II - Update

    I hope this is good. It's going to be so easy to make this terrible.
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    What Would You Do?

    This is how I imagine Swedish parliament.
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    Anybody have high hopes for the new Wolfenstein game by Bethesda?

    I'm hoping for a big action game with a couple cool mechanics, a neat story and lots of explosions. I probably won't be disappointed.
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    Nostalgia Time: VHS Tapes

    We had an old player from the 80s that broke so we got one at walmart. It ate tapes so we got it replaced. Then that one did the same thing a week later. Repeat twice more so my mom bought a nice one at radio shack that we still have and still works today.
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    Microsoft Exec Snaps Back at Fan Over Xbox One Resolution Issue

    Lemme translate this article: BIG NEWS U GUIS! A Microsoft Exec of all people made a slip up on the Tweetosphere! How will this effect the gaming industry? Post comments please! In all seriousness, I'm sure the guy gets comments about the Xbone's games not being 1080p all day, everyday and...