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    Rockstar: GTA 5 Let's Plays Good, Spoilers Bad

    I find the unboxing before release quite silly, what exactly are you going to show, the poster or something? I do agree with the other things though, while I find that the whole, "it's alright if there's commentary and it's part of a bigger playthrough" is kind of hard to really judge what is...
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    Sony Launches Free-to-Play Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

    The Game Overthinker recently said that more games needed to make multiplayer a second option, I wonder if Sony saw this? I know they have already tried this, but they should do it more.
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    Developer Insists Dead Island Trailer Was Not Misleading

    *reposted from facebook post* I agree that user experience in a game is different than what you would see in a movie, though don't you think that as a media video games should try to follow what movies and books do? It's the only way too actually diversify yourself from the same old thing, and...
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    Three Dog Teases Fallout 4

    I just jizzed my undies, first new Pokémon on my birthday, and now a possible new Fallout? Plese let this be true! And don't you dare mess this one up, keep the streak going of great games!
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    Jimquisition: Think of the Children!

    Yeah, I hate when kids are just there to be plot devices.
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    Playing It Properly

    This is why I say to people who says a game doesn't have replay value to shut up. A game can be played multiple ways, and you might not play it the way the developers intended you to play the game, but that doesn't mean you can't play an other way.
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    Minecraft Stakes Out Publishing Deal

    Keeping kids away from the computer, where they can interact with people online, and making them have their face planted in a book for hours on end where they are suppose to concentrate and can't interact with other people. Makes sense.
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    Zero Punctuation: Killzone 3

    Uhhh, I am pissed! But I know that I can't really do anything about it. This is the way he reviews games, and it's fucking hilarious