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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    There will always be a best possible build do deal damage. The idea is to roleplay. Less options, less weird characters combinations that are fun to try. Maybe. I am not sure at this point with so little details available. I have to look at the system before pass any judgement, but I do...
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of The Year Edition Announced

    To me it is not a matter of rivalry, but a matter of being honest with myself and fellow gamers. I wish DAI was a better game. It has its moments and a high production value, but DAI IS a single player MMO, a huge world full of inconsequential and dumb things to do with the occasional...
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of The Year Edition Announced

    I get what you are saying, but I must say that yo me The Witcher 3 offered a much more complete and varied roleplaying experience. I played both games with my daughter, in DAI, we experience the same history and boring MMO quests, in TW3 not only we experienced different quests, but also very...
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    Why are people making such a big deal of out of Quiet from MGS 5?

    Please do not let the current climate stray you from the gaming community. Things are very unreasonable right now mainly because a lot of unreasonable people became very popular, but this will pass (I hope). The majority of people I have known to be gamers are very nice, undiscriminating...
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    Why are people making such a big deal of out of Quiet from MGS 5?

    Than I guess you missed the point completely. Nothing wrong in finding her cool, sexy, digging her yoga moves and so on; But a semi-naked mercenary is totally stupid, completely nonsensical stuff, it is indeed part of the MGS antics. I love that - but it is very dumb.
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    Why are people making such a big deal of out of Quiet from MGS 5?

    SJW nutcases are always eager when a woman is objectified anywhere. News flash: it is rarely an issue - women and men are objectified for the purposes of entertainment since ancient history. The objectification is kind of the point in sexy stuff. But in these case, Hideo Kojima threw wood...
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    Are Video Games the New Great Medium for Telling Stories?

    I don't think you need technology to tell a good story. I think the challenge is not technological, it is an artistic one: designers have to find a good way to merge good storytelling with gameplay. Technology may help but I hardly think it will be the answer. Some games already have very strong...
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    Should offensive opinions be censored from discussion?

    Of course not. With censorship there is no discussion. Also, people can get offended with practically everything and almost every forum would end up being heavily censored and useless for discussing anything. What all forums must have is guidelines to avoid abuse. Some general ones...
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    Star Wars: Aftermath Author Offers Scathing Response to Criticism of Gay Characters

    Excellent observation. Also, "latino" doesn't even make sense in a intergalactic culture. The writer's answer made everything seem forced as hell. Well, let's hope in the future the inclusion of gay, pan-sexual, black or orange people can come a little bit more naturally to everyone...
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    Jesse Eisenberg Promises Lex Luthor Is "Very Serious"

    So it is confirmed, nobody is having fun in this movie. (This is here just to occupy space because if you are to the point you get reported).
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    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Afterbirth Expansion Drops in Time for Halloween

    I gave up on the lost. Unlocked everything else (including the Lost himself), but I simply cannot beat the game with it. The expansion will modify the character a bit, giving him spectral tears and maybe the D4 (or something like that).
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    Captain America Says Superhero Movies Won't Go Away

    Super Hero films have always existed. Indiana Jones is a super-hero (with an uniform, weapon and everything). Matrix is a super hero film. Marvel and DC movies might eventually lose its appeal, but films in the genre will always be around, adapted from comics (like The Kingsman) or not (like Lucy).
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    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Afterbirth Expansion Drops in Time for Halloween

    This is one of the best games ever, in my opinion. I understand its style is not for everyone's taste, but is has a story more depressing and horrible than any horror game I can remember and it is still incredibly funny, super rewarding and still surprising after hour and hours invested on it.
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    Before We Go - Captain America Directs a Movie

    I think Lost in Translation is a very bad film with an excellent Bill Murray performance. This film looks like is much less pretentious, a more straightforward thing, might be good for a date.
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    Bioware, Please Make A Plus-Sized Female Dragon Age Character!

    I find the article very confusing. The title is horrible and misleading. That said, what she is actually seems to be asking for is for character clothes that are practical for buxom ladies, even if the character itself does not have large boobs. Some character with large boobs like...