11 Bit Studios Gives Away All the Soundtracks

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
11 Bit Studios Gives Away All the Soundtracks

Anomaly: Warzone Earth developer 11 Bit Studios has released the soundtracks for all its games at no charge.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth and its sequel, Anomaly 2, are pretty cool games if you're into the tower defense thing, and I've heard good words about Funky Smugglers too. Sleepwalker's Journey, I really don't know about, but that's not especially important because right now we're not talking about the games, we're talking about the music, all of which you may now snag absolutely free.

11 Bit Studios has for reasons unknown decided to package up all the music for all its games and just give it away. And not only that, it's released each one in two formats, FLAC and MP3, and whipped up some pretty swanky album covers to go with them.

And why this sudden outburst of generosity? As composer Piotr Musial explained, it's definitely not an effort to attract attention to the studio's next project, which it isn't necessarily working on at all. "I wish I could say that we are working on an absolutely exciting game now, and that it will again be musically different than their previous games, and that there is a lot to expect from, but you know - professional confidentiality," he wrote.

So there you have it: Nothing to see here but some good, free game soundtracks. Grab them all at 11bitstudios.com [http://www.11bitstudios.com/games/15/soundtracks].



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Nov 21, 2007
Pretty decent collection of tracks, I must say. Good on 11 Bit for giving them away like this.

I've never played any of 11-Bit's games, though I've a passing recognition of Anomaly; if only by name.

Might have to give a few of their games a try. If their overall game design is as decent as their compositions their games might be fairly fun.


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Dec 24, 2008
Rex Dark said:
What kind of license are they on for redistributing/using in your own projects?
I would assume they're still copyrighted, just being given away for free, so in order to use them in your own project, you would still need permission. If you want to use the music, send him a mail.


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May 28, 2011
i never heard of 11 bit studios before.
now i have.
this looks interesting, will give it a listen, maybe even look at this game they are making.

it would really be interesting to know what motivated this decision, just, you know, out of personal interest. Was it some marketing (nothing wrong with that) or a genuine "i created this and i want everyone to have it" deal.

Wujek Grga said:
Hey Rex Dark,
I'm one of the devs. Please shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

if you are addressing someone in the future i suggest you quote his post, as this way he gets a message about it and is more likely to notice the response.