145: Konnichi wa, Nihon!


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Oct 27, 2009
saying it's pretentious for 'sub watchers' to look down on their dub counterparts, however true it may be, is still a little closed minded.
If someone only watches dub, or knows little about japanese culture, they can't really understand just how different watching anime in the original language is.
For starters, those of us who watch anime outside of america, find the added factor of the dubs not only being in english, but with american-english, usually low budget voice actors, quite unbearable.
However, as irritating as that may be, it is the translators that make dubs as bad as they are.
It seems to me, that companies that dub anime try to change it so it is more appealing to the american palette. And by this, i mean make it as similar to the western cartoons they already know and love as possible.
In short, they toss the cultural japanese aspect out the window.
Through changing lines, story aspects, character personalities, removal of japanese references and puns that would be nonsensical in english, and dumbing down japanese jokes so that the average american can understand, changes it from a 'japanese animation' to an 'american animation inspired by a japanese animation'.

I'm glad that the author of this article has opened up to the japanese-loving and otaku subcultures of the western world that are often shunned.
watching 'anime' in dub is fair enough, if you like it then why not watch it. however, when those people then try and say they have an understanding about japanese culture, and try and associate with the otaku subcultures because they watch dubbed anime on adult swim will only end in disappointment.
and i'm sick of being called a 'sub/dub snob' because i refuse to watch most dubbed anime.

Sinharvest said:
Iv been told stories from "gaijin" on how condescending the japanese can be. I didnt really know first hand until i started playing FF11 online when it first came out in the states. Some japanese can really be A holes.

Good anime; creaazy porn; phenominal food; great hospitality to visitors; dont live there.

Or so i hear.
i've found quite the opposite, when i was in japan the majority of people were extremely warm and friendly.
playing online probably isn't the best example. i mean...everyone online is an A hole.

Zyrell said:
wow im gonna see a lot of TL:DR but whatever.

-Rant on-

I think the misunderstanding with this article is the use of the word Otaku and how its meaning in Japan and its meaning in North America are totally different. Otaku is almost a term of endearment now in North American anime circles to be an otaku is something to be proud of, where as in Japan it is a title you really could do without.

i can relate to you. and i agree with your argument as being perfectly sound.
It is true that in the western world people interested in anime will beam upon being labelled an otaku. However untrue it may be.
In truth most people who label themselves an otaku, really are not even close. The level obsession in a japanese otaku compared to a western 'otaku' really cannot be compared.

It is also true that the term 'otaku' is anything but praise in japan. I mean, just in the last few years in japan there was a string of otaku murders. and as you say, that isn't a reflection on japanese prejudices, that shit happens in every country.

I use the term 'otaku' when referring to people living in the western world purely for convenience.
even though i am one of the deluded westerners who considers himself one :p

also, i hate naruto :p


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Jan 8, 2010
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May 21, 2009
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Erm, I second this. Is it even possible? I tried looking through forum postings and user guides, but I'm starting to think it's not something a non-mod can do.
Apr 14, 2008
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