187: Parents Just Don't Understand


Dec 3, 2010
My mother doesn't play video games, but when I was growing up she loved to watch me or my sister play Zelda, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot - so I reckon she has some understanding for it.
She told me once that she snuck up during the night to try Crash Bandicoot and failed miserably. Since then she hasn't gone near it. However, she was a god damn master of Wolfenstein back in the day. I mean like... elite master.

My mom is cool.


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Feb 3, 2012
my dad actually loved to play Doom and Quake when i was little, i was too scared to play it cuz you know....scary monsters and guns and stuff. he also played golden eye 007 when i was around 9 or something and i secretly played it eventually and i felt like a "big kid" hahaha. man i miss those days. once i had to courage to tell my dad i was playing it. surprising to me he wasnt upset. we then played multiplayer all the time, we connected better and i always won on bets. i won so many Pokemon cards!

sadly he's not into video games anymore because he hates the controls, the double analog stick confusion is too hard of a bridge to cross. i half agree with him, the first time i played halo i thought my controller was broken. now im used to these weird controls since they're in EVERYTHING. i dunno if i like it though, i never liked the concept of needing to learn how to use the controller before playing the game, N64 was seriously a pick up and play, if you pick up an n64 controller and played any game, you'd know what you were doing almost instantly. its not like that anymore.