203: Games Dev 101


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Dec 9, 2009
"What can the games industry do to help tutors produce skilled young games developers, and what can we do to build bridges with you?"

It's not surprising that this question was met with some awkwardness. Mostly because the term video game developer is such a broad term. From the courses and coursework that were brought up in the article it seems you're mostly talking about the overall design of the game. The art, script, character generation, etc.

As for the topic I'd say there's an overall dilution of the game industry as far as developers go. What was said earlier about self taught developers is actually what I would say the way to go is. While it is nice to have the structure and tutors that comes with going to a college in the end that's still a crutch to becoming a good game developer.

As courses in game development get more popularized you're going to have people who pretty much cheat their way to a degree, only doing required work and not taking time to really get to know the field they're getting into. One of these people could even be your best student. It's not unpopular to focus more on looking good than actually having a substance to their ability. And this can lead to the overall lack of quality with developers but you just have to remember that there is going to be those "coal developers" ones that are sitting back in obscurity building themselves up to really shine. In the end the best game developers will come from the best teacher, and the best teacher will always be the F1 key.