343 Industries Extends Halo 2 Multiplayer Support


Now I want ma...!
Aug 26, 2009
Irridium said:
Korten12 said:
Irridium said:
Are they going to let the community run things like with Halo 1? Because that'd be pretty neat. I'd also be down for a Halo 2 remake. As long as don't pull the same thing last time (making it exclusive to a new operating system that not many people have adopted).
What? Halo Anniversary was for the 360. o.o Plenty have adopted that...
I was talking about them making a re-released Halo 2 a Windows 8 exclusive, like how they made it a Vista exclusive when it was first released for the PC.
Ah. I doubt they would rerelease it on Computers, probably 360 or 720.