50 Worst Videogame Voice Acting Moments


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Feb 19, 2009
No. 50 was the greatest and most epic faily of them all.
Iron Mal said:
The 'He wrote it in his own blood? Way to go kid!' almost killed me with laughter (there's bad writing and then there's that).

The speech in Resident Evil 5 (and to a certain extent 4) also made my ears bleed with sheer stupidity ('it doesn't matter, he's just a terrorist, end of story'), then of course we have the classics (LIIIIIIGHT from DMC, Master of Unlocking from Resi 1 etc.).
I have to disagree.

Commander CC

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Apr 1, 2009
There has been the odd piece of rubbish voice acting in 2009. The bit in Dragon Age where you come across a "dying soldier" near the start comes to mind.


*Shudders* That was so jarring compared to the otherwise very competent (for the most part) voice work in the game.

I have to agree with Iron Mal on the poor Resi5 speech...it was pretty ham-tastic.

As for the Marcus Fenix giant worm thing, I'm willing to forgive it, since it was said by John DiMaggio, so you can just imagine Bender saying it and suddenly it all makes sense.

Has an honourable mention been given to the Jill Sandwich thing yet? It puts the ass in classic.

The Youth Counselor

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Sep 20, 2008
I enjoyed this list better. It comes with the clips of game footage itself.

Oh God, at 6:58 I couldn't believe it was a real game. Arcades back in the 90's were so packed and loud I guess it mercifully saved me from the dialogue. Every other bad line could've been excused for poor/no direction for actors, actors in different areas not playing off each other, non actors doing voices, and actors forced to strain voice to save money to pay for another actor.

But House of the Dead 2 was unexplainable. Goldman sounded like the retarded sibling of the G-Man and Jerry Lewis. The protagonist was genuinely bored and sleepy.


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Nov 30, 2009
I laughed hard , at those lot ...either there were some very jaded voice actors out there , or they just roped in the programmer/cleaner/someones mum to read out some of those
still though ....where's this gem?(about 17 seconds in..)