8 Bit Philosophy: Are Your Actions Good? (Kant vs. Mill)


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Sep 26, 2008
RJ 17 said:
WhiteTigerShiro said:
RJ 17 said:
Yay! Some philosophy without trying to push an agenda! Much more enjoyable than an episode that walks you through some philosophy and ends with a big stamp saying "EAT VEGAN!"
It said nothing of the sort. That you feel it said "eat vegan" says more about you than it does about the video.
"Would you still eat bacon if it came from Pikachus?" after an episode based entirely around how animals have feelings as well. Pretty sure that translates to "eat vegan because animals have feelings and rights too."

Now excuse me, I'm going to go murder a cow and enjoy the sweet taste of it's blood.
And my immediate answer was "Heck yeah!" Besides, after re-watching and dwelling on the question a little more, I think the point of the question was less about promoting a vegan lifestyle and more about pointing-out how we are arbitrarily okay with eating some animals, but not others (cows vs dogs, for example). Hence why the idea of bacon coming from Pikachus comes-off as shocking, because even though they aren't even real animals, they're still on the "do not eat" list.

Edit: No pun intended, btw. Didn't catch that until I was re-reading the post. >_<