8 Great Ubisoft Games That Prove That They Aren't All That Bad


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Mar 15, 2010
SonicKoala said:
Did I ever say that companies should offer their services at a loss? No, I didn't. I'm fully aware that the primary goal of most businesses is to generate a profit, and I'm completely fine with that, but offering up sub-par, unfinished products at full price is one of the worst possible ways to cut costs. Plenty of game developers are capable of producing quality products that actually work at launch - that's all I'm asking, and it is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect as a video game consumer.

So, no, once again, there is no reason for me, or anybody else, to accept the kind of behaviour that Ubisoft is exhibiting. Yes, make a profit, that's fine, but the product upon which your company is dependent for those profits better be worth buying - that goes for any business. If that's not the case, then that business deserves to go under.
For the record, did write your response after the first paragraph or just the first line? It's part of an experiment I'm working on; I'm trying to pinpoint the moment an audience stops or starts listening and testing various hypotheses as to why. Full disclosure: right around here is the most common.

In summary: Good job! Keep doing what you're doing, it's good for the market.