8 of the Most Annoying Video Game Enemies of All Time

Dr. Thrax

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Dec 5, 2011
Blackknight7W said:
I always found the terror drones the soviets had in red alert 2 annoying as hell.
They got worse in Red Alert 3, they got a secondary firing mode called the Electrostasis Ray, which is a sustained firing mode that prevents a mechanical unit from moving as long as it's targeted. So you could use the Electrostasis and follow up with V4 or Dreadnaught bombardment, or roll a second Terror Drone in to attack the vehicle. It can still fire, but otherwise is pretty boned.

Imre Csete

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Jul 8, 2010
No Cliff Racers, okay.

And Dragons in Skyrim are just Cliff Racers on steroids. I would have gladly taken a handful of lenghty, well scripted and memorable dragon fights than the boring ass chore they were made out to be. Gothic 2's dragons back in the day were all the same, just with color palette swaps, but atleast they got the "this is it" feeling right.


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Mar 29, 2009
Ravinoff said:
Also, no Rabid Stalkers from Borderlands 2? Those things were pure misery.
These guys are my number 1 vote. First to phaselock. First to die. I know you can dodge side to side when they are lunging to let them fly by. But it always seems to just be backup-bite-backup-bite-backup-bite.


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May 2, 2020
008Zulu said:
truckspond said:
Go for the right arm. One hit sets off the nuke prematurely.
I would, but I need the mini nuke they carry.
The most annoying thing I found about Suiciders is since shooting the Mini Nuke counts as an indirect kill and Fallout 4 doesn't count indirect kills for gaining experience it's doubly pointless to shoot the Mini Nukes to kill them. Suiciders don't carry any loot either so by shooting the Nuke you get nothing out of fighting them besides getting rid of them.