8 SKSE Mods For Skyrim Special Edition


Eternally Lurking
Feb 28, 2014
8 SKSE Mods For Skyrim Special Edition

Here are eight mods that require SKSE that are worth using.

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Xan Krieger

Completely insane
Feb 11, 2009
I'm hoping the "Spiders are goats" mod got updated for the special edition, it's why I haven't played it and I've been sticking to the original Skyrim.

RJ 17

The Sound of Silence
Nov 27, 2011
Caramel Frappe said:
I tried playing Skyrim: Special Edition without SKSE and ... while it's still a great game and the smooth FPS / gameplay is nice, I hate the inventory. I can't stand how the interface of my menu looks nor do I like how the menu operates along with the default crappy menu in general. SkyUi made everything so much nicer for the PC gamer so i'm waiting until SE gets the same treatment too.
Yeah, the lack of SkyUI (and Race Menu) are the main reasons I haven't even touched Skyrim:SE...that's why I was so pumped when that article popped up the other day announcing that they were finally coming out with SKSE for the SE, meaning all my favorite mods can finally be enjoyed!

On a side note: I had never heard of that Remove Enchantment Restrictions mod before...probably a stupid question, but just to be perfectly clear: does that mean you can put any enchantment on any item? I.E. take that +unarmed damage enchantment and deck out all your gear with it to make a full-fledged brawler character? I mean I was always able to get by with the unarmed Khajiit that I made (seriously...there's nothing more glorious than punching a dragon to death), but that would certainly be helpful for a number of situations.

Paragon Fury

The Loud Shadow
Jan 23, 2009
You should take Dance of Death down - it's outdated, no longer supported and has issues.

The mod that replaced it is called Violens: A Killmove Mod.