83: Bethesda: The Right Direction

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Jul 10, 2006
"But, even in 1986, Weaver was used to having good ideas. Before founding Bethesda, Weaver spent his time at MIT working on 'speech parsers, graphic interface and synthesized worlds - what people now call virtual reality. In 2007 this may sound familiar to what some cutting edge people are doing, but this was the 1970's, so it was bleeding edge stuff.' From there, he went onto news broadcast directing at both NBC and ABC, and he eventually found his way to Washington as the chief engineer to the House Subcommittee on Communications. Then, after another stint in VR, he founded Media Technologies, Bethesda's parent company until 2002. He finally created Bethesda to see if the PC market was a viable place to develop games."

Joe Blancato explores the beginnings of a game industry legend, talking to the founders of Bethesda.
Bethesda: The Right Direction