A how to: Block Youtube Thumbnails In Search Engine Image Results


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Aug 16, 2016

The above is a Youtube thumbnail image from a video titled Should you watch: Cencoroll? which is hosted on i.ytimg.com uploaded by the user DouchebagChocolat in 2014


The above is fan art titled Delicious Pudding by gryalphk hosted on Deviant Art who further credits mebae for the character art taken from the doujinshi art book Love & Cenco


There is a lot going on here

[li]Uncredited fanart (the short film features no "fan service")[/li]
[li]Image distortion (magnification + squishing)[/li]
[li]Filter application (looks like mostly burning)[/li]

This happens everyday. People take the work of others, advertise it as their own and profit from it
This thread isn't really focused on that aspect of the world/net though
This somehow turns into a how to


I happened to do a Google search for "Cencoroll" a few months back for the anime interests thread here. At the time this populated the...

As you can see the same (technically not but...) Youtube thumbnail is being displayed as a result. A Youtube thumbnail of stolen fanart which was further edited to question the event of the reader seeing said media was "officially" being associated with the film via Google. A crime against humanity, I know

Anyway, this finally pushed me to try several other search engines to find one that wouldn't display Youtube thumbnails in the results. To my shock there are none. I was certain some competitor would block them but nope. Every single one of them displays the same above thumbnail within the first pages of results for "Cencoroll". The only solution is to include "-ytimg" within the search

Problem: I'm quite lazy. I wasn't gonna do that for every search. Well, it only took a few more months of exposure to red arrows on blurry images, agaped mouths and bright florescent colors to realize, no, I've really got to fix this

Did a search for a solution:
First link was a Youtube video promising to solve the problem after installing some software
The Wikihow detailed using Adblock filters which wouldn't help
After a few more fruitless links I gave up on sites

Looked into browser addons for hope. While I did find a few that blocked/filtered results from standard searches they did not apply to image searches. Couldn't find one advertising such a feature so I ended up creating a solution via other means

Too long; didn't read - couldn't find a solution elsewhere so I'm posting it here

[HEADING=1]Firefox v4-56 users:[/HEADING]

Go grab Search Engine Creator by hipsterlynx

Afterwards go to your addon manager, locate Search Engine Creator, and click its corresponding "Options" button. Depending on your browser version/theme you'll see something like this

For Google searches copy the following link into the "Search URL" field:


Name it, optionally choose a favicon image for it, and click "Create Engine"
You've got something like this in your search engine bar:


Now it just takes 2 clicks for Google image searches to no longer include Youtube thumbnails hosted on i.ytimg.com

Optionally edit the url to block all sort of domains


[HEADING=1]Chrome users:[/HEADING]

Right click the URL bar and select "Edit search engines"

Locate the "ADD" button and click it

For Google searches copy the following link into the bottom field:


Name it, keyword it, and save it

Locate its corresponding vertical ellipsis button, click it and then select "Make default"


This method effectively is twice as laborious coming in at 4 clicks to switch between search engines as compared to the Firefox way

Again, you can edit the url to block all sort of domains


[HEADING=1]Other Browsers:[/HEADING]

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