Acclaim Launches DANCE! Online

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Acclaim Launches DANCE! Online

David Perry's DANCE! Online massively-multiplayer downloadable title enters public beta with a soundtrack provided by Warner Music Group.

Three months after DANCE! Online entered private beta [], Acclaim's free dance massively-multiplayer online downloadable title has been launched for public beta. Revenue will be earned through IGA Worldwide's advertisements [] and player microtransactions for character accessories and new song packs.

Warner Music Group Corporation has been signed as a content partner, providing its song library and artists as playable avatars. In an effort to line up exclusive musical talent for DANCE!, Atlantic Records R&B singer Cupid will premiere his new single "Cupid Shuffle" inside the online world, an event Acclaim says will become more common once the game launches later this year.

George White, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product Development at Warner Music Group, commented the rise of dance games. "With the enormous popularity of dance-based games in Asia and other parts of the world, we're excited that our artists and music have the opportunity to reach the millions of fans who are participating in this growing phenomenon."

David Perry [], the creative director behind DANCE! Online, added, "DANCE! Online has started the music based game revolution which has captured the minds of hundreds of millions of players in Asia."