Acquire Prestige With Modern Warfare 3 Branded Swag


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Sep 3, 2008
enzilewulf said:
This is actually pretty cool. The paint job looks nice, it all blends in pretty well. I would buy it if I had a lot of money and wanted to show off. Which I don't /sadness

Uggg there is so much hate for a game that hasn't even launched yet. How sad.
Honestly, it's a CoD game. We already know it'll be broken (*1), boring (*2) and hyped by people paid to hype it (*3).

It's an easy game to hate.

(*1 Knives being an example - design faults aren't super likely to get patched out.)

(*2 Let's face it, they won't revise the CoD formula very much at all. If you love the current formula to bits, you may like it, but it won't be innovating.)

(*3 Marketing.)

William Dickbringer

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Feb 16, 2010
You know not even a big fan of call of duty but I like this console's look wish I had money I'd definitely buy it (who knows maybe MW3 will change my opinion)


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Jan 23, 2011
A 320GB 360 with a new game and two controllers for 400$? Nice. Too bad I already have one and I'm not interested in the game at all.