Activision Monitoring Custom Game Tracks in Guitar Hero

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Activision Monitoring Custom Game Tracks in Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero composers are reconstructing some of gaming's most popular songs with World Tour's music mixer, much to Nintendo's dismay.

In addition to the new song list and fancy instruments, Guitar Hero World Tour's music mixing program was highly anticipated for allowing gamers to explore their inner Mozarts. Custom songs can be created by using an interface to assign notes for all three instruments, saved as playable tracks and then distributed online through "GH Tunes", Activision's Guitar Hero song sharing service.

Shortly after launch, fans of all gaming genres got to work paying guitar homage to their favorite game tunes. These cover tracks have become incredibly popular on GH Tunes, storming the top 50 list.

As of yesterday, the game-inspired songs in on the highest rated charts on GH Tunes are:

1. "Cerulean City" from Pokemon
6. "Spark Mandrill" from Mega Man X
11. "Bubble Bobble" from Bubble Bobble
17. "Banjo Rockooie" from Banjo Kazooie
18. "Airman" from Mega Man 2
20. "Electric Chocobo" from Final Fantasy
22. "Still Alive" from Portal
23. "Brinstar" from Metroid
25. "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog
42. "Farewell Hyrule" from The Legend of Zelda
44. "Doom Win Music" from Doom

When the service started, remakes of the Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda themes topped the rankings, then disappeared from the servers, likely due to Activision enforcing copyright rules for Nintendo. Nintendo and Activision have not yet commented on the deletion of the fan-made songs.

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Apr 8, 2008
What!? They weren't expecting this!? That's just a little more than slightly pathetic. You let people create music, most of who's music background might include enough to read music and maybe play an instrument, and you expect them to make only original music? That's just... wow...

Maybe this was all an elaborate trap to make money off of copyright lawsuits, I wouldn't put it past Activision at this point.


Nov 8, 2008
This is brilliant. Honestly shows just what gamers do. You say they can't post music from bands so they rip off game music.

Nintendo: "NOOOOOOOOO! They are enjoying are music against our will"
Me: "If only they realized how this could be used as a brilliant advertising campaign"


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Mar 7, 2008
doesn't surprise me, ppl are just copying stuff

tho i'm sure the copyright holders might port their songs to rockband or something now