America's Army: Proving Grounds Seeks Beta Testers

Andy Chalk

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Nov 12, 2002
America's Army: Proving Grounds Seeks Beta Testers

A new addition to the America's Army shooter franchise is coming this year.

I had no idea that America's Army was still a thing, and in my defense it's been nearly four years since the last entry in the series, America's Army 3, was unleashed on the shooter world. But it is still a thing, and a new one is coming, entitled America's Army: Proving Grounds, in which you will presumably prove that you have what it takes to be in America's army and then (I'm guessing) head down to your local recruitment center to sign up to be all that you can be, or whatever they're calling it now.

Because that is, after all, what this is all about. The America's Army games are rated Teen by the ESRB and as such they've come under fire several times over the years, including from actual Army similar game [] of their own.

In any event, beta registrations are now being taken and while there's no sign as to what will get you into the club, the America's Army Facebook page [] says the game will be out later this year, so I imagine they're not going to be too picky about it.

Source: America's Army []


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Dec 30, 2009
I've now a very strong urge to sign up for this game, get to know the weaknesses of the gameplay and then abuse the unrealistic elements to dominate by the most overpowered noob tactics possible. Teabagging all the way, naturally.

I wonder if non Americans are allowed sign up? hehehe


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Apr 19, 2011
America's Army 2 was actually a fun, well designed game. It was pretty slowed paced though, but the sound effects, character movement and physics were really really well done for such an old game. It was actually fun, too. Some of my favourite childhood memories involved me playing the maps Border, Pipeline and SF Hospital.

Then America's Army 3 came out which was a massive unpolished turd. It killed AA2, and most people didn't even bother to play AA3. It was buggy, laggy, ugly and it sounded terrible. They got rid of the ragdoll physics from the first game which was soul crushing for me. I actually believe AA3 looks worse than AA2.

I don't have much hope for any future AA games, I hope someone out there can enjoy it, but I just can't.