Andrew Garfield Blames Sony For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Failures

C. Cain

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Oct 3, 2011
Lightknight said:
Sony-owned marvel titles have certainly been a lot worse than WB owned titles.
WB doesn't own any Marvel titles as far as I know. Or do you mean Sony-owned Marvel titles have been a lot worse than any WB-owned titles? In that case you haven't seen Green Lantern or Catwoman or Batman & Robin... or Steel.

If you meant 20th Century Fox instead of WB, well, the Spider-Man movies (as much as I dislike ASM and its sequel) are still better than Daredevil, Elektra, and some of the X-Men films.

Lightknight said:
I mean, how can you argue with the difference between the Avengers and the increasingly bad spiderman movies?
I'm not quite sure why you mention the Avengers, seeing how you were just talking about WB. That's a Marvel Studios/Disney flick...