Are you amazing at any particular game? If so, what separates you from a "merely good" player?


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Apr 9, 2009
As sad a thing as it is to be proud of, I was really amazing at WoW Battlegrounds. I played a Marks Hunter, which, by the way, was the most underrated branch of the Hunter skill tree. Pure friggin' Dps. Anyways, I recall going into BG's 6 lvls lower than the cap and absolutely dominating the competition. Like taking on a Druid, a Warrior ,and a Paladin at the same time and coming out on top. I mean, I died a second later, but I took down all three of them. I remember really good Warlocks and Paladins kinda being my bane...but honestly it was pretty rare that anyone got the better of me if they didn't
have allies nearby.


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Jun 4, 2015
When I was younger (I was always younger...), I used to play Contra a lot with the 30 man code. I mean A LOT! One day, I realized that I wasn't using very many lives in a play-through, so I tried it without the code and beat it. I'm not sure how common it was to beat Contra without the code, but in my neighborhood you could pretty much start your own religion.


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Dec 31, 2011
dyre said:
He was offended when we mentioned it, and tried to give us advice like "stop aiming center mass and just go for headshots," "listen to the enemy footsteps," and "watch for shadows behind corners" but we were never sure if he was being serious or making fun of us. Watch for shadows, really?
Wait...there are people who DON'T go for headshots or use footsteps for information?

I bought a brand new high-quality Sennheiser headset because my old one had fallen apart specifically to play CSGO because of the importance of sound. As a random example you can hear footsteps upper tunnel if you're defending from near car on Dust2 B site. That's huge. You can also hear people coming long whilst you're on short and other fun tricks. Being able to wallbang someone because you know they're there from the footsteps is hugely useful. Its why I get really annoyed when dead teammates won't just shut up from mindless babbling to let me concentrate. Info is good, whining about being dead is not.

And headshots are crucial with basically everything except the AWP. Pistol training for headshots will hugely improve pistol rounds. Aiming for the head is pretty much Counter Strike 101.

Also one thing you missed is learning spray patterns. Learning the spray pattern of your guns is really important. Its fairly consistent so if you know it its a huge advantage.

Anyway I used to be a decent enough TF2 medic though nothing special. In Titanfall I'd fairly regularly top the scoreboard but I've fallen way off since then. Right now I'm training myself on CSGO and gradually climbing up. Probably join an amateur team this coming year.

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May 10, 2015
I'd say I'm pretty amazing at Pokemon Puzzle League for the 64.

I have beaten the game on the highest difficulty setting several times, and I never lose to other players.

I started playing Puzzle League before I could read, and now I'm 22, and I never stopped playing. Hour for hour, its possibly one of my most played games period, just due to the extremely long time span.


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Jun 21, 2009
I used to be a pretty damn good Team Fortress Classic player, playing for Belgian clan SSK, among others, and frequently hanging out in the private servers of top clans like K2 and DW where I could go toe to toe with the best of them. I played from about late 1999 tot early 2004, when waning interest and the lack of (fast enough) internet at my university dorm made me go inactive and then leave the scene altogether.

Then, in Januari of this year, I started playing TF2, but I'm nowhere near as skilled as I was in TFC. Old me would curbstomp current me. I can hold my own though, pretty much always topping the scoreboard on pub servers, but most competitive players can kick my ass.

albino boo said:
I'm usually in the top 10 percent of players at most online fps but at 42 I lack the reactions and the time to get any better. I normally get a good win/loss ratio by situational awareness, map knowledge and flexible tactics but when it comes to the close duels with the same base skills but better twitch, I lose.
Same here, even though I'm only 30. I've noticed too that I'm not as fast and precise as I used to be anymore, and I probably never will be again.


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Nov 23, 2008
I can do the first 3 special stages in Sonic 3 blindfolded.

...I am not proud of this talent.


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Dec 27, 2011
My brother is always better than me in anything somehow strategy related (or lets say "numbers").
It is no wonder that I play Heroes of the Storm nowadays and not LoL anymore, caters more to my skill level :)

I have been told that my feat of winning "Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri" on the highest difficulty "Transcendence" was actually pretty awesome but I was obsessed with that game back then.


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Aug 29, 2011

It is my favorite puzzle game and over the years I've only gotten better and better.

How do I know this? I would go several weeks without playing the game, boot it up, and I would marathon the hell out of it without any issues.

My most recent feat with the game is multitasking: I was walking around a busy clothes store, carrying merchandise that I was planning to purchase in one hand, and playing away on my smartphone without even looking up once. I had to put it down to pay for my stuff, but when I checked the time it had been almost 30 minutes since I had started playing marathon without losing once.

~queue the massive celebratory fireworks here~

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May 15, 2010
In MW2 I steadily have had a near 2:1 KD ratio, legit and no cheating involved. I've carried a lot of matches, tossed off quite a few Nukes and 30-1 + matches (1 Death because of nukes). I've gotten 1000+ knife kills, over 1000 headshots with the Barrett (no auto aim cheating)... Unless there's some really good teams of players against me I usually do pretty damn well in MW2.

Back in the Quake 2 days, all but the very best folks, and I mean high level tournament dudes and ladies, fell before me. I ran an
average of top 3 in every tournament I've ever competed in. In a 64-player free for all tournament match I came in 2nd place with over 120 frags and lagged behind the leader by about 10 or so. 3rd place was 70 something. In 1v1 matches I usually made it either to the last bracket or 2nd to last. I've taken 1st place about 10 times in local tournaments. I wish I'd made it to QuakeCon because I really wanted to show my skills off but then Quake 3 came out and fuck that damn game. Something changed in the physics and I just couldn't do the same pinpoint destruction and rail sniping that I used to do.

I've also discovered I'm pretty good in Battlefield 4...

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Oct 1, 2014
Loonyyy said:
Most modern FPSes don't have such distinct weapons. Compared to modern FPSes, CS has uncontrollable recoil, it's more like say, Red Orchestra, than Battlefield or Call of Duty, and it's decidedly unbalanced, and built around an economy. I kinda like it actually, after a while the gunplay in the other games just feels like each gun is a different set of stats, damage, fire rate, etc, rather than really distinct.
I had a similar experience transitioning from CS to Battlefied 4, then over to Destiny. Sniper rifles have basically zero scope sway in the latter game. It is ridiculously easy to pre-scope and win single engagements by head-glitching opponents as they step into a lane. CS actually requires some good honest work to master mid-range and 2v1 engagements-- all you'd need in Destiny is high agility and a good shotgun to cut an opposing team down in Elimination. (the new meta heavily favours pulse rifles and snipers)

I wish the game had ranked playlists, dedicated servers, and competitive (custom) matchmaking. My team for Trials of Osiris all rank in the top 1% for K/D, kills/game, assists/game, and average kill distance. Our only loss in year 2's iteration of Trials came due to an opponent lag-switching to capture the control point.


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Feb 25, 2014
I don't know if this counts, but my friends tell me that, in FFXIV, I am the best Black Mage that they have ever seen. The group of friends that I play with consists of a Dark Knight, a Paladin, a Lancer, and myself. On two separate occasions I have managed to draw aggro away from the Dark Knight in a boss fight, and even managed to run through all of Ifrit's linear AoE attacks and survive on Hard Mode.

Since I'm bad at every other game that I play, this actually means a lot to me and is a reason why I haven't stopped playing, even though the Lancer and Dark Knight don't have subscriptions anymore.