Art Series Retro-izes Pikmin, Bioshock, and More


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Jan 10, 2009
The Bioshock one looks a lot like this old Batman Beyond flash game that I used to love. I gotta go see if I can find that again...


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Aug 27, 2009
dalek sec said:
SAMAS said:
Holy shit those are awesome!

I especially loved Bayonetta as a Danmaku and the 32-bit Pikmin.
What's a Danmaku exactly? I do like the style they did for Bayonetta though, looks like fun! :D
Danmaku is a Japanese term meaning "Bullet Curtain", and commonly referred to in English as "Bullet Hell []". It's basically a top-down shooter with an emphasis on dodging an absurd amount of enemy fire arrayed in artistic patterns.

If you were to describe the genre in two words, it would be "Dodge this."

Danmaku in action []


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Dec 22, 2008
Is the one before MGS4 supposed to be Little Big Planet? If so, that's the weakest one... It has some bare elements of the game but not much else. Unless I am missing something. Even so, I'd still say it's pretty good. The rest, however, are amazing... the Gameboy Dead Space was just hilarious! How do you shoot off the arms? My other favorite is the Brutal Legend a la SCUMM... I bet Schaefer'd love that :p

Just... what is the one under Resident Evil supposed to be? That's the only one that I have no idea about (after Bayonetta, which was conveniently answered for me here).