Attack on Titan Game


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May 10, 2012
I'd heard of the anime on a few other threads and decided to check it out and came across a tribute game some people threw together based off of it. Needs a unity player thing to run but gameplay basically consists of moving around with a pair of grappling hooks, slashing at the back of the neck to kill titans, and working with teammates to take down some of the less predictable versions of the titans. Thought some of you might like it. Post some war stories below if you want.

Link to game:

The Wykydtron

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Sep 23, 2010
Or someone really good at the game could pick Petra and singlehandedly wipe the map with her special move. Petra confirmed for God Tier

Yeah I love this game, it helps that i'm still into the anime and let's be honest the concept alone is hugely appealing to fans of the anime. The execution of the grappling and other gameplay is really well done too. It feels like an Attack on Titan game should as in anyone can die at any time like it was nothing (i've seen some Leeroy Jenkins impersonators get killed within the first 30 seconds of a round) and the grappling is really fun.

Fuck the Jumpers/Crawlers by the way. People pick up phobias of those bloody things, the jump does NOT have a maximum height so even if you're higher than rooftop level if it feels like going for you it will make this ridiculously high jump out of the blue and scare the shit out of you. They're SUPER fast on ground level too, Potato Mode Sasha can't even outpace it, believe me i've tried. If you do the no respawn version Crawlers have a very real chance of wiping your whole team on their own.