Auran Offering 10-Day Free Trial for Fury

Andy Chalk

One Flag, One Fleet, One Cat
Nov 12, 2002
Auran Offering 10-Day Free Trial for Fury

Fury []in action with a 10-day free trial.

According to Auran, the offer comes of the heels of "enormous improvements" in the game since the beta period. The free trial period offers unlimited play over ten days, after which interested gamers can upgrade their trial accounts by purchasing the full game either through standard retail channels or online at Auran.

Improvements in the game since the beta period include:

Massive performance increases (many players are reporting double frame rates, especially in Low Spec renderer)
New game maps, with more to come next week
New Bloodbath Training Ground with 4 bots and 3 other human players in a FFA (great for perfecting your skills before the challenge of taking on higher level opponents
Changes to the Ranking system (Rank is now determined by your skill in battle not trials completed or time played)
Pre-made groups and pick-up groups are now separated in the Matchmaker queue
Lower ranked players (i.e. new players and beginners) receive an Offense and Defense bonus (making it more likely for them to hit their target)
Major improvements to the Database which improve loading times and mail/vendor response times during peak periods
Lots and lots of minor bug fixes, crash fixes and optimizations (with more still to come)

Free trial accounts can be created at Auran's official Fury website [].