Bayonetta Dev Talks PS3 Version Problems


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Dec 24, 2008
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John Carmack is way ahead of you on that one. may 2006
Thanks for the link James, I'll check it out in a bit. I've probably come across some form of the argument though, its probably how I came to my opinion!.
Aye, and just to prove you aren't a nut, here's Gabe's take on it.

3:00 onwards

Thanks Chrome, I swear my brain travels the ether for information because I have not seen either video's, since its not the sort of videos I actually like to watch. I've only recently converted to video reviews and articles because I'm an old man stuck in old tech land.


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Apr 13, 2009
Goldeneye1989 said:
When you say your going to do something, you do it, you dont say oh no it's to hard and then say well, the ps3 is far to hard to program for..... can i still get my money now?

No if you say, i cannot do it, you dont, or you dont get paid for the full price. It's the same as saying "sure ill park your car, give me 5 bucks (or whatever)), then coming back im sorry i dont know how to drive stick so i left the car half parked in, half in the middle of the road, time to give my 5 bucks please"
How is a game looking a bit worse on the PS3 over the 360 or not running at as many frames-per-second anywhere near as bad as your example? It's a finished game. It's done.

These people learned the PS3 and put just as much, if not more effort into it than the 360 version. Can you blame them for shitty hardware?

It'd be like your car stalling a few feet from the parking lot and you blaming the person for the car's malfunction. He did the best he could, and hell, he even pushed your car the rest of the way. The car is parked, it was just a much worse ordeal for him than it should have been.