BBC Unveils Third Doctor Who Game


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Jun 22, 2009
KeyMaster45 said:
Blame said:
They're fairly terrible. Bad controls make what is basically a stealth game very difficult indeed. And not difficult in a good way.

On the otherhand they are free. Although us Brits are paying the license fee so these games could be made. You Yanks can get them for free.
No, we can't get them for free not legally anyway. I've been fairly pissed off about that fact mainly because I don't see why the UK fans don't have to pay but everyone else does.
The logic is apparently the Brits with their licencing fees that they have to pay for television (this money goes on to fund the BBC and hence the game) have already paid for the game.

Though it does seem rather optimistic of them to think anyone else is going to pay for this.