BioWare Employee Busted in Dragon Age 2 Review Scandal - UPDATED


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Nov 4, 2010
Carnagath said:
tofucyborg said:
What a non-issue. 1) He is an individual. 2) He may actually be enthralled with the game, ESPECIALLY after working on a small part of it (apps are far from level design, sorry). 3) He posted a USER review.

This article is an overreaction and a blemish on the Escapist name.
How you find nothing wrong with a developer reviewing his own game with a perfect score and under an alias is beyond me. I understand that you like Bioware and stuff, but surely that doesn't filter all the logical processes of your mind...?
I'm just saying it doesn't matter. Who cares? He is one out of about 3000 user reviews. It's completely irrelevant. In addition, he's entitled to his private opinion in his private time (and otherwise, but especially so in this case) and Bioware shouldn't own the right to prevent him from saying otherwise or be held liable for what he says.