Black Thor Actor Talks About Racist Comic Book Fans


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May 9, 2011
Machocruz said:
Really said:
.....anyways I'm not here for the black norse here for more logical issues that nobody seems to address...

1stly - I didnt know Asgardians speak English...considering the intense history and amalgamation of words and sounds which derived and formed our English language, where there was a time where every town in Britain had a different word for "egg", its amazing another species from another planet evolved to speak the same language.

2ndly - not only did the Asgardians speak ol' USA English, they use the ol' USA metric system.
Remember when Thor was looking for his hammer and someone tells him its was "50 miles west" Well although we didnt see it Thor must have been using his starfleet issued intergalactic translator or the Asgardians must use the exact same metric system. Funny that it wasn't "50 clicks west", or "50km west" - probably would have understood that too.

3rdly - and this one takes the cake, Kenneth-you-fool-Branagh!!!
Loki was considered Evil 100's of years ago in Norse mythology before he actually became Evil...weird right! The humans knew before the gods...
Its kinda like Satan only turning evil during modern day meanwhile years and years of religious and non-religious literature has painted him evil before. The Black Norse Actor should have used his vision to scope out our Norse Mythology literature in any one of our libraries then all of that could have been avoided...
Stupid beyond measure!
I guess, if you expect every fantasy fiction to take time to explain every detail regarding every aspect of what is happening within it's pages/on screen, whether or not those aspects are relevant or add anything to the overall result. Thankfully even the least among competent storytellers aren't that meaninglessly anal retentive when it comes to fiction.

It's not a logical gap for a movie to ignore real world mythology or theology, which themselves are fictions not based on anything concrete. It's a design choice - like all of the supposed "logical issues" you listed - one you may or may not agree with, but is not a "hole". They could have chose to rationalize everything, but what would that serve for this particular story? I assume most sensible people know by the first act that the story has taken some divergences from reality, and don't sit around thinking, "wait a minute, that's not how the story of Loki goes. And what do you mean these super advanced fictional space gods are aware of the metric system, and speak a language that the audience can understand, with accents that not only belong to some of the actors playing these fictional characters, but have been synonymous with Shakespearian drama for decades, which is appropriate for the director and the reason why the studio wanted him in the first place. What a shit documentary!"

I don't doubt that all involved know a lot more about storytelling and filmmaking than random forum posters , and know that such banal details don't not matter in the end.
Dearest so-and-so

Your ramblings of "not important to the story" is rediculous - there is a lot that is not required or important to the story but it is still done. It's the little things, the attention to detail, which makes a good movie. If story is all you care for, listen to the radio and stay off discussion forums which critique movies.

If you can recall the 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas) and how they dealt with different languages there (an arab trying to understand the Vikings)- they could have easily implied the same at the begining of Thor having the actors speak giberrish or at least a language related to one of the Scandanavian languages and eventually fade in the English - giving the viewer the sense of another language. Takes 1 minute of screenplay.

Also - Thor could have been dropped years ago - giving him enough time to learn English and become acquainted with the metric system - maybe along the lines of the Marvel Ultimate Universe comics where he becomes a hippie-like character...(this was actually a good background in the comic)
Takes maybe 3-4 minutes of screenplay

With regards to the movie not having to follow our world mythology! What a poorly thought out arugment! Well I would not have brought it up except they had to have the old man look through THIS word's norse mythology literature for the page on "Thor for Thurdsay" and the page on "Loki" - so Kenneth-the-fool-Branagh introduced current world mythology in the movie, not I. I am just critiquing on his inability to think a littler further and notice the silliness of it all - using part of the mythology but not all! and should you use the line "well mythology is only half-truths" well Loki being a baddy is one of the fundementals in Norse Myth - like Satan being evil in the Abrahamic religions...

Movies dont have to be documentaries - but good movies take the time to cover all their bases... The producers and directors said frak it - everyone speaks English - not even an attempt. Its this lazy attitutde that's going to perpetuate a non-creative directorship which focuses on cgi special effects rather than necessary details.
I find it hard to believe it didnt strike a chord with you when Thor just understood "50 miles west" Maybe because I'm not a yank and dont accept everything at face value, I dont know. Guess I demand more from movies.
Sep 17, 2009
bahumat42 said:
Nautical Honors Society said:
bahumat42 said:
Nautical Honors Society said:
bahumat42 said:
Dana22 said:
Wasn't Heimdall black in SOME of the comics ?
not even ultimate
BUT since this whole plotline is MASSIVELY different to the comics anyway its fine. Future super advanced people get to be multicultural xD
Heimdall was a black man in Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6

congratulations you can find a comic that was made long into the films production, do you want a gold star.
Yes I do. You said there weren't any comics with a black Heimdall and I just proved you wrong. If you want to add more parameters to your statment after the fact then that is your business.
yeah because common sense is a tough parameter, my god its so confusing, i think my brains about to explode from the complexity.
I guess so, because it seems you are having a hard trouble grasping it. You said there has never been a black Heimdall and there was. You should have said there has never been a black Heimdall before the movie was in production.

But we are done here. Goodbye.


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Jul 30, 2008
OK, so we have a black guy as Heimdall. Fine. Let's roll with it.

What I want to know now is why he's the ONLY BLACK MAN IN ALL OF ASGARD.

For all this precious talk of "colour-blind casting," Asgard comes across as a sea of white people and Heimdall's a lonely island of colour. If they at least had a bunch of other black Asgardians running about, it would be consistent. If they cast a black girl as Sif (yeah, Heimdall and Sif are brother and sister despite one being really black and the other being really white, though you sure as hell wouldn't know it from the casting in this film) and had other black Asgardians, this wouldn't come off nearly as bad as "token casting."
Sep 24, 2008
I do like the extremist views here.

One character in the whole movie clearly equals Let's take something of black culture and make it entirely white!!

Shows we're thinking with clear heads here.

Don't plan to see the movie, might if my girlfriend forces me to. But I've seen a lot of movies where a white guy comes to a native land and becomes the master and the hope of the village in it's time of need.

We have a black character in this movie for a few minutes.

And twenty pages of butt-hurt ire.

Really proportionate rage here.


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Sep 25, 2011
I love how when an adaptation changes a black character to white, everybody cries racism; yet when it changes a white character to black, the people complaining about the change are the ones who get called racists. Double standards and hypocrisy ftw.


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Dec 29, 2012
We'll know we're REALLY civilized when they can remake Django Unchained with a WHITE man playing Jamie Foxx's role and a BLACK man playing the DiCaprio role. Now THAT will be racial progress!


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Dec 29, 2012
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Mar 3, 2010
OK, why Necro the year and a half old topic?
...Oh, two 1 post accounts saying the same thing.

I smell bad comedy.

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Dec 30, 2009
Don't worry, I know the final solution to these guys problems: Clearly they aren't using enough Daz.

They'll win the race and keep their whites whiter than white, or whatever you were talking about. Buy Daz.