Blizzard Offers Free WoW Migration

Logan Westbrook

Transform, Roll Out, Etc
Feb 21, 2008
Blizzard Offers Free WoW Migration

If you were to make a list of heroic activities, queuing probably wouldn't be on there. Apparently Blizzard feels the same way and is offering free character migrations to residents of over-populated World of Warcraft servers.

Twelve servers are affected in all, with Argent Dawn apparently being the busiest, as players are being offered transfers to three different realms.

Blizzard has also created a new PvE realm, Chamber of Aspects, and is transferring characters from fifteen other servers. If you do have a character to move though, you better be quick, as the free transfers close on December 2nd.

Now all you have to do is convince your entire guild to come along with you.

Source: WowInsider []



Possessor Of Hats
Apr 6, 2008
Not to be a negative noobling this really news? I mean...I -guess- people who don't play wouldn't know that. But, Blizzard have done this several times in the past, both with migrations from overpopulated servers, transfers between regions i.e. the recent Russian servers etc.

Now, if say, they were allowing free transfer without restrictions, that'd be something to talk about.