Borderlands 2 "Girlfriend Mode" Helps Noobs Win

Atmos Duality

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Mar 3, 2010
Trilligan said:
I could see your point vis-a-vis PvP scenarios, but even then it isn't a matter of the build being 'broken' - it's weighted specifically towards someone new to shooter mechanics, so the assumption is that the player wouldn't last in PvP anyway. No matter what the build did to buffer the difference in skill, experience and tactical knowledge would still weigh the game more heavily against the BFF.
I actually wasn't even thinking about PvP until you brought it up.
Then again, PvP is very unbalanced in Borderlands 1; assuming equal level, whoever brings the bigger stick wins (Hunters and Sirens are uniquely advantaged there anyway; Sirens being gamebreaking already, and Hunters having access to Trespass, which is very very overpowered relative to most other passives)

As for the rest of the game - why should one player having an easier time of it affect the other players at all? If it's cooperative, then the increased survivability of one team member will only increase the survivability of the group as a whole. And if the problem is that 'Easy Mode' will potentially dampen the experience for gamers looking for greater challenge - well, I guess that's a problem, but without a clearer idea of how the build works it's hard to say how great a problem it could be.
The latter point is the problem I was focusing on, though it would only really apply to pub games. Co-op with friends would be easily handled.
Incidentally, I find that Borderlands 1 becomes much more challenging with 4 players than it does with 2 (though 2 is easier than 1 due to the added benefit of revives).


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Sep 27, 2008
I don't think it is sexism if it's a fair generalisation. I'm sure statistics would show that girlfriends are probably most likely to be the ones who would want to share in a game with their fella but know they would suck at it. I wish people would stop being so touchy. Come on ladies, we're a minority in gaming, get over it.

I like the idea. I could even play with my sister, or my mum...
Probably not my mum though, I'd have to get her away from blur for a few minutes.


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May 28, 2011
you should never ever let noobs wins. They will brag about it till the end of times and ruin everoynes games if any such chance arrises.
Hepling newbies to learn to play is fine, helping noobs to win is a crime against humanity.