Bringing Other Geeks Into The Fold


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Feb 6, 2009
Unfortunately, being a geek or a nerd still is a "flaw" in Brazil (our culture is always slow to pick up). I've only found a few geeks when I started college (any computer-related course is bound to have geeks).

Another problem in find fellow geeks is that most of the geek culture was/is produced in English, and not that many people have a good grasp of the language here.


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Oct 14, 2010
I usually recommend stuff to non-geeks that might fit their personalities.This happens a lot with comics.
I turned my girlfriend to comics with Y The Last Man(it has a fun main character, some romance and a great premise. A success also with my other female friends).
I showed a zombie fan that The Walking Dead kicks ass.
A friend of mine didnt like superheroes but he enjoyed Watchmen and Kick-Ass (because they´re a deconstruction of the sub-genre)
For kids and specially teenagers I recommend Runaways.

You just have to feed them what they enjoy :)


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Aug 22, 2006
CitySquirrel said:
Elizabeth Grunewald said:
Also, you should really watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Brilliant casting. I've got the whole series on DVD; I'll lend it to you.
Sports Night was pretty much the best thing ever. I want so much to get into Studio 60 but it makes me sad because it isn't Sports Night.
This. I was going to say that if you enjoyed Studio 60, and you hadn't seen Sports Night (also brilliant, and also cancelled before its time), then you have to check it out.

If I recall correctly, they cancelled Freaks and Geeks and Sports Night right around the same time, and I gave up on network TV for years. (Verified on Wikipedia: series finales within 1 month of one another, year 2000.) I don't think I came back to TV until 2006.