Brink's Lead Writer Tells How to Write a Multiplayer Game

Art Axiv

Cultural Code-Switcher
Dec 25, 2008
Archeus Cross said:
Art Axiv said:
Fantastic concept, despite I see the main flaw in his thinking.
Human Element.
If a designer thinks that the player will gladly go and help another person in the game... I don't think he plays online multiplayer games.
Ah but here is where you are mistaken. The way they made the game, sure you can get exp by killing. But that exp is FAR less than say defending an objective or giving a teammate a class oriented buff. (soldier: ammo, medic: Medpack or revival syringe, engineer: gun buff, and i think operative can give you radar)

So yeah, i think people will "gladly" go help out the objective, as they kinda have to to get the most out of the game. The game is so team oriented it doesnt even track youe kill/death ratio.
That I need to see, to believe.