Bruce Willis Signs Up For Kane & Lynch Movie


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Sep 8, 2009
I think this is a good idea. Willis would be pretty good for the role, and this is the one game that I want to be seen turned into a movie.

As a game, it was average; the combat was somewhat boring, and the multiplayer was lacking. But, it had great music, a great cast and a really great plot. So, as a movie, it would work.

People take popular games and turn them into movies regardless of how good an idea it is (Street Fighter, House of the Dead, Mario), but this is possibly the first time where a bad game is being turned into a good movie, instead of the other way around.


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May 28, 2009
Well, I guess I can say I'm looking forward to this movie but I skipped on the game so there's a decent chance I'll skip on the movie as well. Heck, I'm skipping Surrogates so that proves that Bruce Willis no longer has that much pull at the box-office for me.

Lord Beautiful

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Aug 13, 2008
MaxTheReaper said:
Roger Ebert will give it 2 stars, only to be fired due to "unrelated" circumstances later on, after re-scoring it at 5 out of 5.
Sharp-witted as always.

I think there could very well be some potential here. The premise behind Kane and Lynch had always fascinated me. So much so, in fact, that I was actually somewhat surprised that the game was not good.

A Weary Exile

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Aug 24, 2009
Besides all of his career-making roles I liked him in Lucky Number S7even, his role alone should make the movie interesting.


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Mar 24, 2009
I suppose one thing this movie has going against it, is it will have someone at the helm who did 3 so-so movies as an assistant, and this will be his first being the head. But surprises have occured before. Though why Quentin T hasn't grabbed this I dunno. I have to bet good odds Bruce hasn't even touched the game, so he is looking at the script with a fresh eye. It is also possible he was being sarcastic and is just doing the movie for the hell of it, not expecting much out of it.
I haven't played the game myself, though got a good second-hand feel for how it goes, compared to related fare that I have experienced. It's hard to figure who would make a good counterpart to him, except perhaps....Gary Oldman! Don't get me wrong, I worship his role as Commissioner Gordon, but he's gotta give us at least one more of his trademark psychotic roles. Or Mark Hamill, even. Guess it depends how over the top Lynch is.
sturryz said:
How much you want to bet that 25% of the time he will be in an air vent?
No bet, but one has to wonder if he'd do the voice for Gordon Freeman, if they were to do a cgi Half Life movie. (And now I have infected Half Life players with Bruce one-liners the next time they crawl in a vent. Unless they watch Freeman's Mind a lot, like me.)
teutonicman said:
I wonder if a movie critic will get fired for saying the movie sucks?
Considering they would find work within 12 hours, it wouldn't matter. Better question is, would a movie critic get ran over on the street if they said the movie sucked?
Citrus Insanity said:
I don't understand why this is a movie. Why not just make a new IP? The game was pretty crappy, so it's not like the brand name "Kane & Lynch" is going to guarantee that everybody who's played the game will watch it.

One the other hand, Bruce Willis might.
Maybe the movie based on the game will spawn a game based on the movie? (Wrap that around your head a few times!)


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Aug 2, 2008
odubya23 said:
Malygris said:
The film is being directed by permalink [][/B]
Oh boy! I can't wait to see a movie from a director of three of the shittiest movies ever!
But it has Bruce Willis in it.

That has to count for something, right?


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Apr 6, 2009
The Bruce Willis movie equalizer is in effect.

For all good movies that he plays in, he must also play in a movie that is equally as awful. He hasn't done anything really good in a while so I can only hope that something epic is on the way.


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Jul 2, 2008
If the roles really are swapped around then Bruce looks like the long-haired balding sweary bearded one out of the pair.

from the film 'In Country'.

Billy Bob Thornton.

He's already starred with him in Bandits.


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Oct 4, 2008
I'm pretty sure this movie's going to bomb. The fact that it's based off of material that isn't exactly rock solid may have something to do with it, as well as the fact that video game movies don't usually do well.


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Jun 28, 2008
So wait, a game that was made of both Fail and AIDS (and I played it, so I know first hand how bad it was) is being made into a movie by the people who brought me... Ahem... Tomb Raider, X men 3, Troy and HITMAN of all movies. I mean this is like making a milk shake out of dog crap, cat feces and sumo wrestler human shit. There is nothing good in the progeny of this movie.