Busting the Myth of Nazi Super-Science

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Mar 23, 2010
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Busting the Myth of Nazi Super-Science

The well-worn trope of ?Nazi super-science? has some troubling subtext. Critical Intel takes you through everything you need to understand why.

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While I completely agree with you on pretty much all other points, I am compelled to bring this point up:

Because it doesn't, and it didn't - the Nazi's horrifying human experiments didn't net them a single thing. They discovered no proof they were superior, and no experiment they conducted was ever linked to saving lives on the battlefield. None. Their carving and freezing and burning of unwilling humans created nothing of benefit. Nazis were bad scientists and worse human beings.
Are you sure this is accurate? I was under the impression that many of the records of Nazi physicians like Mengele were very important keystones to our modern understanding of human physiology, among other things. I do not doubt in the least that such experimentation failed to further the regime's goals any (beyond whatever lies they could twist it into), but I've read several articles over the years crediting those kinds of inhuman experiments with advancing our understanding of biology and medicine much faster than would otherwise have been possible.

I'm not trying to condone it or say that it isn't/wasn't god awful that someone did it, but, as far as I'm aware, there were tangible, real benefits for doing it that the Allies reaped when they liberated the camps and took all the documentation.

Feel free to correct me if that wasn't how it played out though; I'll freely admit it's been a while since I did any research on the subject and could easily be misremembering things.
You are almost certainly misremembering in this case.
I am extremely curious of the sources you have read, as that is not the common view of his achievements. The scientific advancements resulting of Mengele's work are known to be exactly zero. He did not discover anything not already known to science. Not even his own side benefitted from his work. Science is advanced by the boring old scientific method, not by vivisecting pairs of twins with few other concerns than to see what happens.
I myself do not condone nazi experimentation, but one thing they did get from freezing live subjects in vats of cold water was discovering the ?Rapid Active Rewarming? technique that seemed to be the most effective method of revival ? and is used today in the west.
I believe they also made some discoveries involving g-force on the human body. However, we would inevitably have figured out all of these things without using unethical methods at some point. The lives wasted were more valuable than the pointless experiments and results that never needed such extreme methods to be discovered.

Just about everything else was entirely fruitless.