Capcom Creates Okami Art Site

Logan Frederick

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Aug 19, 2006
Capcom Creates Okami Art Site

Capcom is celebrating the artistic style of Okami by launching a website hosting its game art.

Okami Art [] is a Capcom-sponsored site that promotes the artwork of PlayStation 2 action/adventure title Okami. The unique, pencil-sketched style set Okami apart from the games of its era, along with being storied in Japanese mythology.

The website features three main sections:
[li]Gallery- The art gallery displays over 300 drawings of main character Amaterasu, other characters and scenery.[/li]
[li]Wallpaper- A collection of desktop wallpaper drawings.[/li]
[li]Fan Art- Hundreds of fan-sketched pieces hosted for visitors to admire. Entries can be submitted to [email protected][/li]

Udon Entertainment is also selling Okami Official Complete Works, available from Okami Art.

Okami was created by the now-closed [] Clover Studios and is currently being ported [] to the Nintendo Wii by Ready at Dawn.