Cello Fortress Weaponizes String Instruments


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Apr 14, 2009
bartholen said:
Jamous said:
That is an unbelievably cool idea; it's a shame that it can only be played at live events but you can kind of see why. :L
Really cool to see some crazy innovations like this cropping up; though it might be better if we could get away with some in standard games that don't require a cellist.
Thank you for making me have an epiphany: A game where you control the tank and there's a music track playing and "controling" the turrets. Difficulty would change depending on tempo, notes and the melody. Downloadable songs via PSN and XBL. It could actually work.

OT: this looks pretty cool. I wonder if it could be applied to any instrument?
You're very welcome my friend. That's a really cool idea. :D