Cloud-Gaming Company OnLive Wants in on New Consoles


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Mar 5, 2011
Crono1973 said:
Yes, bring the rip-off to consoles.

Unless things have changed, isn't this how OnLive works: You buy (rent) a game for the same price that you would pay on Steam but you have to pay a subscription fee to access it. You stop paying that subscription fee, you lose access to the game?

Who in their right mind would do that?
Not as I understand it. There is a rental service that I suppose would be the equivalent of a digital Gamefly but you can straight up buy the game and have it permanently linked to your Onlive account. About 2 months ago Onlive hit 10,000 "likes" on Facebook and as a result they decided to offer any game on there service for a dollar. I bought DE:HR and there are no recurring fees. I can play it whenever I want.

I agree that it would be stupid on consoles though. The point of a console is that they all have the same tech so I don't understand why the system would have trouble playing a game that it was designed for. Which is what OnLive was made in mind for; shit computers.


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Dec 9, 2008
Well the future big companies WANT is the end of game ownership and having gamers subscribe to have access to game libraries instead of having their own at home.


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Jun 7, 2008
It's interesting all the misinformation about OnLive there is here. I use it (albeit for games I bought for a grand total of $6, including the Any-game-is-$1 discount you get for signing up) and I think it's pretty decent. Yeah, if your connection messes up, you're not playing that game, but ultimately, it's about allowing people who don't have the proper rigs to play a game the access to that game. There's no subscription fee except an extra one that opens up a ton of games if you want to pay it. I choose not to.

What I don't understand is how it makes sense to tack OnLive onto the next-gen consoles. Won't those consoles be technologically superior? OnLive is meant to bridge the gaps between end-users' hardware and software hard requirements. I don't really get how it would be beneficial to anyone but OnLive.


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Jan 6, 2010
I can say it not coming to the next Xbox, Microsoft is introducing it own cloud counterparts on the next gen console.

I have 11 games on the service and the console:
Batman Arkam Asylum
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Just Cause 2
Shawn White Snowboarding
Mafia 2
World of Goo
Borderland Game of the Year Edition
Splinter Cell Conviction
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

I've spend less than $60 on it so far, mostly because I'm a beta tester for the service. So if you don't have OnLive, your missing out. It it totally free, and 90% of the games come with the 30 minute re-playable full version demos. A great service if you want to try out a game before you buy it even on a different service or console.