Comedian Asks for $1 Million on YouTube, Millionaire Obliges

Jul 13, 2010
Critical_Sneeze said:
Plus, I thought you'd ended this? Honestly, I can see we're both set in our ways and we can agree to disagree.
Yeah, but gotta get me the last word. Just kidding, I agree, we're just going in circles now anyway, we'll leave it hear.


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Jun 26, 2008
uro vii said:
Slick Samurai said:
So many jealous people, so little time.

Assuming this isn't a hoax (it would be hilarious either way to tell the truth), I say, good for him. People here and on YouTube are always talking about how they hope this man dies or that the million dollars should go to charity.

Well, nope. Those orphans didn't do anything too. Those starving kids in Africa didn't do anything. Those cancer kids didn't do anything. In fact, you could say this man was the only person that actually did anything. He did something so ingenious, yet so simple.

He asked for it.

Even if a thousand little orphans made youtube accounts and started begging for money, people always forget that it's the millionaire's money to begin with. That millionaire worked hard for his money, and he's not allowed to spend it where he pleases? So much bigotry to the upper class, apparently when you're rich you HAVE to give money to charity.

One trait that makes it difficult to trust people more than hate, or bigotry, or ignorance, is jealousy.
So the children who are starving to death in Africa deserve then money less then a middle-class youtube comedian because they didn't ask for it? And how do you know he earned the money and didn't inherit it? And then even if he did earn it; if you have a million to spare and choose to give it to a youtube comedian instead of using it save hundreds of lives, then you are quite simply an awful human being.
When was the last time you went to an amusement park or fair, went out to a movie, or even got your hair cut? I say if you have spent money on any of those things instead of donating it all to charity you are simply an awful human being.

I would guess that most of the things you pay for in this world, services in particular, are completely unnecessary. Thus, you should bleed yourself dry for the less fortunate any time you have spare money lying around.

What if this millionaire gave a million to Africa and a million to the comedian, would you expect him to give both millions to Africa instead? What if he has more spare millions lying around, should he give it all away to the less fortunate instead of enjoying his money and spending the way he wants?

This millionaire probably enjoys this persons videos and decided to do something that was unexpected, generous, and in my opinion, kind of funny. He gets to be on stage, meet the comedian, and take part in something both strange and unique. You have no right to judge this person on his decisions of how to spend his money, especially when you know absolutely nothing about the person you are insulting.


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Jan 26, 2011
This whole thing is really a rather tricky matter. What you think of all of it really depends on your sense of morality.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to harbor ill feelings towards this comedian, jealousy excluded. I've never heard of him and I am not aware of his situation financially or otherwise so I refuse to pass judgment on him. Personally though I'm happy for him. I'm happy for anyone who is able to make $1,000,000 that is at least a somewhat descent person.

When it comes to this millionaire I'm just a cynic.. there is ALWAYS a motive behind the actions of any human being. If this is somehow a serious matter though and is legit than I have to say I'm rather disgusted.

I've seen a few people in this thread speak of him rewarding the comedian for his hard work.. and to that I say, what work? Creating videos on Youtube in my opinion is something someone does who finds enjoyment in it. It's not a job. He doesn't have to continue to do it if he doesn't want to.

Maybe disgust is to harsh a word for how I actually feel on the matter. How I view this situation is as follows.. there is a man, with a lot of money, and he's bored. One day he sees a video on Youtube and has a little laugh and than proceeds to "reward" this young man he's watching out of his sheer boredom. That's it.

There is so much more good that could be done with that kind of money regardless of if it's used here in America or somewhere else. I just see it as someone throwing an enormous amount of money away just for kicks.. don't know how anyone can see it as anything else either.

And by the way.. I absolutely hate when people take that "take care of our people first before we help outsiders mentality". But that's a whole different matter.. >.<


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Apr 15, 2009
if this is true I might turn permanently green with envy! son of a ***** lol!

EDIT: oh its fake then, pretty funny! but he's ruined it for the rest of us! IT MIGHT HAVE WORKED!!!! haha